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One of the most spectacular facts about the city of Bucharest is that it houses the world’s second largest building (the Pentagon being the first). The Parliament Palace also referred to as the people’s house is home to the Romanian parliament seat, the chamber of deputies, and the Senate. With an area and a volume of roughly 365,000m2 and 2,550,000m3, as well as the height of 84m, this majestic building is also regarded as one of the world’s heaviest buildings to date. However, Bucharest’s popular attractions are not limited only to monolithic political structures. Oh, no – there are other […]

Udaipur, the former kingdom of Mewar is one of the must-visit places in Rajasthan. The perfect union of beauty, history, architecture and royal experiences. The charming places to visit in Udaipur not only lure history lovers, but also families, groups and especially the couples on honeymoon. In fact, the city is named among the top romantic places in the world, some by popular magazines around the world. Blessed with royal architecture, culture, lakes, gardens, temples and many more enchantments, the “City of Lakes” is truly reminiscent of the royal glory of Rajputana. To have some cherished experiences on your holiday, […]

If you’re a travel bug, it’s likely at one point you thought to include Italy in your travel bucket list. It’s a beautiful country with many great cities to visit like Rome or Milano, Italian food to try and so on and just overall rich culture. But like with every country it can get a bit hard to find your way if you don’t speak Italian. You can always talk in English, but for me, it’s always good to know at least a bit of the language. It’s fun and plus, you can learn something. Before, I used to simply […]

Were you thinking of booking Bangalore hotels anytime soon? You should definitely keep track of some of the latest developments in the city if you are planning to book 3-star Bangalore hotels or even budget Bangalore hotels. You can now easily get your Bangalore hotels bookings done courtesy FabHotels. Finding the nearest FabHotels Bangalore hotel to your chosen location and city is highly convenient. You can easily book cheap Bangalore hotels through FabHotels and get exciting discounts, deals and offers in the bargain! You will find several Bangalore hotels near airport or even Bangalore hotels in MG Road which is […]

In the next year, the great fest of India, Ardh Kumbh Mela in Allahabad is going to start in 15 January 2019 and will end up by 4 March 2019. After every six years, the pious festival Kumbh Mela is celebrated as Ardh Kumbh in Allahabad and Haridwar with full energy and devotion by lots of people. It is believed that the four piligrim places have some mystical powers with them due those few drops that fell down at time of war between the Gods and Demons for Amrit Kalash. Those sacred places are Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik. Overview […]

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