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In this article, we share the list of top and best 7 tourist attraction places in bangalore that you can visit and plan on your next friends and family trip. Bangalore / Bengaluru Built at Vidhan Soudha, this logo has universal appeal. The logo, ‘Be – U’, is a mixture of typography in English and Kannada. So if you are in Bangalore and is a travel buddy, you could definitely get yourself instagrammed here! Lalbagh Flower Show Commissioned by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan, Lalbagh botanical garden is city’s another attraction. Twice every year i.e on Independence Day […]

You are reading this piece to get the facts about Teen Missions. Yes, what is it all about? What does it aim to achieve? How does it achieve its purpose? Are there any success stories about this organization? Who are its members and are there any compelling benefits of joining the organization? To answer these questions, we highlight the facts about this amazing organization. History and Purpose of Teen Missions Teen Missions’ origins are traced to a base in Merrit Island in Florida, US. According to its website, this organization released its first mission trip in 1971. Since that time, […]

India is mainland of assortments. India has got the giant history and numerous lifestyles. The affluent variances of India have accomplished to draw attention of explorers from all over the world. From fascinating mountains in Kashmir to alluring seashores in Goa, India has got entirety. The development in travel and tourism industry has risen integrally from last few decades. With amazing tourist locations, varied topography and cultures in the country, India is utmost fruitful option for travellers. Adventure Tourism is one of the most recent trends that are popular in tourism industry. Apart from lounging and relaxing on a beach […]

India is a secular land, which takes pride in its diversity, which ironically gives a boost to the harmony and beauty of the land. The lifestyle, cuisine, language and every other part of culture of a local in Jammu and Kashmir will be distinctively unique when compared to someone who is living along the Indian Ocean coastline of Kanyakumari. When it comes to travelling to India, it is very essential to know some basic phrases in local languages. What are the top languages to know if you are traveling to India? English Thankfully, almost all youngster and a huge chuck […]

India never ceases to surprise people when it comes to places which can be visited here. So, if one is up for some unusual holidays in some rare places then this country actually have plenty to offer. Here are some out of the blue places in India that one might want to experience at least once in their life. Roopkund, Uttarakhand If you are a faint hearted person, then this place is definitely not for you. It is a glacial lake which is located at an altitude of 5029 metres and is one of the most dangerous areas in the […]

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