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With technological advancements happening left, right and centre, it only makes sense that our shopping habits also shifted from offline to online. Earlier, you would have to make a trip to the market, but today you can buy dresses online during your 15 minutes coffee break! Just whip out your mobile phone and scroll down any brand’s website – a plethora of outfit options awaits […]

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Comfort over style or style over comfort? That’s an age-old question, and somehow, some piece of clothing has still not wholly passed this test. And one of them is the sensual G-string that rules in its look but often causes discomfort. How does one person look at it and think, “well, it’s the day I handle some wedge”? But what if you don’t have to […]

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Color is the first thing people will notice in your clothes. It sends a specific message to the viewer. Fashion is a way to express yourself. You extend your personality with fashion. You create a persona with your dressing styles and other things. Color is the primary thing that people see in your dress. And the first impression is your last impression. Within 90 seconds […]

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Ladies’ cowboy hats are trending hat types designed to match the different styling needs of women. They are typically more ornamental and embellished than regular cowboy hats and are often made of softer materials to be worn comfortably. One thing that distinguishes ladies’ cowboy hats from other hats is the brim. The brim of these hats is wide and comes with flares on the edges […]

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With ever-changing fashion trends, everyone is looking for something that can be subsumed in their life so that it can help sustain a good fashion sense for a long time. For this, your crystal jewelry should be studded with a gem that has all the features to sustain the changes brought in the fashion industry. One such heavenly stone is Opal Crystal studded with remarkable […]

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