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Many couples will remember the excitement and thrill they felt when they first got together. Often, people want to spend all their time together and hate being away from one another. However, as time goes on, life starts to get in the way and before you know it, you and your partner become nothing more than ships that pass in the night and barely get a chance to converse. While the pressures of work, family, and life in general cannot be helped, one thing you can do is make sure you make time for one another in your relationship. Unless […]

The fashion sense of Indian women has changed drastically over the past few years. All the credit goes to the internet and exposure to social media. Indian shoppers came to know about the various options available at their disposal. The launch of the reputed online sites also fueled the fire. Today, people of all ages prefer online shopping over traditional modes. Though western garments are in-fashion, women always opt for kurtis for traditional occasions. If you think that not much variation is possible in kurtis, then you must check out the fantastic collection on Tata Cliq. No matter what your […]

Learning a new language is always fascinating and it gives challenges to us that we love to conquer. Whenever we begin to learn a new language, we face lots of difficulties. Difficulties in remembering words, difficulties in knowing that at what time what set of words should be used and how to pronounce certain words. It involves a proper learning strategy and constant efforts that help in learning the language and improving your command in that. When it comes to making yourself better in a language and increasing the efficiency in it, then there are multiple ways which can be […]

One dilemma that people often face while traveling is finding the balance between clothes that look good and clothes that are comfortable. People choose fashion over comfort and end up paying the price of discomfort. However, if you know the right way to dress for traveling, then you can easily put together an outfit that makes you look chic and comfortable. While everyone knows what to wear while traveling, there is quite an extensive list of things that you definitely shouldn’t wear while traveling. 1. Shoes That are not Comfortable One of the worst mistakes you can make is to […]

Parents- to- be and new parents or relatives of soon to be parents, all may want to shop for baby cots. Babies need a comfortable and safe bed in which parents can easily see them. You want to provide your baby with a comfortable all-night sleep, nap or just play time in a safe cot. Parents start working on their baby’s nursery well in advance to welcome their bundle of joy home. It’s a room where the baby will grow and call it their own space. You want to paint it in pleasant and soothing colors, add stuffed toys, cars, […]

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