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A wedding day is a onetime event and one will want to have the best look ever. Every bride will want to look like a queen on this memorable day. After all, it is one of the biggest love celebrations any person can share with their partner. It is a day one will receive all the best wedding wishes. All the attention and focus will be on you. Therefore, anyone will want everything about this day to be perfect. However, build up to your wedding day can be full of stress and fatigue. Fatigue and exhaustion can inevitably set in […]

When we look into fashion rules, both modern and classic, there are certain fashion rules that you must follow to avoid embarrassment. Footwear is a big part of your look, and you should make sure your look is always complete from head to toe, literally. Be it flip flops, trek boots, or sneakers, your personality and mood should reflect in your fashion choices. So, to help you achieve a perfect look we have come up with some of the modern footwear rules that will definitely make your personality fabulous. Color Rules First, in the category of color rules comes that […]

Shubh Ratri is a Sanskrit word which is used to wish a person good night. Having a fight with your partner and sleeping without solving the issues is definitely not a good night, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Long distance relationships are not easy. It takes a lot of trust and loyalty from both the partners to make a relationship worthwhile. Though both the partners cannot see each other often, cannot be together during festivals or other occasions but the love that binds them together helps in keeping the relationship alive. Even a couple who are far […]

Long distance relationships! Falling in love with someone is a great feeling. Sometimes, staying away from the one whom you love the most deeply feels like hell. But believe us, there is a nice feeling into it. That feeling can’t be expressed in words. And for this expression of love, gifts play a major role in it. Gifts are another name of happiness that can bring a sweet smile to your loved ones face. When you are in love, then distance doesn’t matter at all. So, for bringing you more close towards your loved ones, we provide you a handpicked […]

Bags are an important part of day to day life for all the women in the world. Whether small or big, bags have always been bought to keep things and make them handy on the go. Talking about the current fashion-oriented world, bags are now about keeping the stuff as well as style on point. They carry a big impact on your clothes and overall personality. Out of many styles, tote bags are the most popular category. What so amazing about tote bags is that you can use them on regular basis. They are spacious and are a perfect choice […]

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