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Anyone who has ever been cheated on will know just what a devastating effect this can have on their lives. It can make you lose all trust in people, as well as causing huge heartache. Being left in the dark and not knowing either way whether your partner is cheating is often even worse, as it means that you don’t get closure and you cannot move on with your own life. If you feel that your partner may be cheating, it is well worth doing some investigating so you can find out one way or another. There are various methods […]

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role; but always about the goal” – Anonymous Truly said, a leader is someone who is looked upon for direction, motivation, and faith. At some point in your life, somewhere in your routine, whether in a startup or a top global organization, you will be playing the role directly or indirectly. Though it’s not an easy mellow position as it comes with responsibilities, eccentric characteristic, behaviour and persona. Such charismatic characteristics have made worthy world’s top entrepreneurs. They have seen […]

This is an attempt to delve deeper into the diversity of belief latent in the equally diverse and fascinating magical world of Harry Potter, JK Rowling’s magnum opus spread across 7 exciting parts. The Harry Potter series emphasizes belief rather strongly in different concoctions be it the inherent and universal good-evil distinction, love, friendship, allegiance, loyalty, willpower, skill, miracles and sometimes even through hope. Love, which saves Harry from Voldemort’s clutches and makes him The Boy Who Lived was born out of his mother’s last attempts to protect him and this stems a belief in righteousness and the honest path […]

“They say beauty is but a flash in the pan And the arts just facades for sorcery Yes, she was one whose heart was wanton But even today, immortal she stands” (Lines by Anuvab Chattopadhyay) Gauhar Jaan Singer, Dancer, Courtesan, Performer, Seductress 1873-1930 When news broke out of a possible movie on Gauhar Jaan, it made headlines all across Bengal. However, this solitary headline also flashed the proposed name cum subject of the film, someone whose cultural legacy has been neglected but lives on in a flurry of little salaams still proffered to a few elusive nautch girls in North […]

The monsoons are here in right earnest. And like every year, the country heaves a cumulative sigh of relief as grey clouds and stimulating petrichor usher in respite from the stifling, energy draining heat of the Indian summer. Infact, one can literally see beautiful hues of green taking over from the drab yellows and browns on the ground and the skies getting covered with various shades of black and grey clouds accompanied by thunder, lightning, and rains. Bollywood has continued to remain inspired by life and its myriad emotions and has throughout the ages celebrated the monsoons with one of […]

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