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We all are addicted to social media, and there is no ambiguity in this statement. We spend the maximum time of our day on social media and are always interested to know what is happening around us. There are a lot of people we don,t know in person but are connected to them through social media handles. We see what they are doing from their […]

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Wes Davenport of °1824 at Universal Music has had his fair share of changes in the music industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially apparent, when it comes to the public relations (PR) part of the music. But today, he is focusing on the future – the virtual future. This type of future, he believed, allows musicians to: Get creative no matter where […]

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Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing industry in India, and there should be no surprise about that. With the craze of online gaming rapidly increasing everywhere around the globe, it is inevitable that the mobile gaming sector is going to play a key role in the coming future. Now you can play indoor games like poker online. There are several factors that have led the situation […]

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In the year that many consider as lost and unproductive, in which we did not realize anything of what we had planned to do, the American singer Taylor Swift released a documentary on Netflix, two successful albums and a special for Disney +. Not only did it make me question my choices and the few things I accomplished in these months, but it also made […]

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Anyone who has ever been cheated on will know just what a devastating effect this can have on their lives. It can make you lose all trust in people, as well as causing huge heartache. Being left in the dark and not knowing either way whether your partner is cheating is often even worse, as it means that you don’t get closure and you cannot […]

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