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At the beginning let it be told that this is a satire on the way girls are objectified almost as items to be consumed. No it’s not a song as you may have thought the title of this article to be! What is it then? Well, surprisingly (pleasant for most) and somewhat shockingly (for the sanskaari lot), we finally have our own novel Kiss Café which was finally unveiled in the peaceful climes of an aspiring global city. The concept is being passed off as unique and multicultural (you’ll find out why) and the owners expect big profits from day […]

Expectations and Realities kills, Always buried to fill. Fill the deepest gratification of the human. But, still it never seemed to get full. The tank is so deep, That maybe the whole life stands nothing in front of them. Maybe the whole life or after life conquerer the thought of getting all of them. But, poison is not always the killer, Sometimes, sweet becomes adversity in your life and you being the victim. Understanding the difference between the necessity and desire is hard. But not as hard as the pain of numb body, Alive but dead. You can have dreams […]

Lost in the day counting life. Lost as if no one got to see me thrive. Lost in the dark where the sun hides itself. Lost as intended not to see the real face. Hiding the loss that lost of life gives me, Because ultimately every life is a tragedy that ends in death and grief. Facing the truth that lost dismantle everything. But still has a reason to find lost in the courtesy. Anyways,life is a lost way not a magic dream it seems. One who got the map of the way,the life designed are the ones who doesn’t […]

How many pennies do you think it takes to win a rapid fire round? Or sniff around and stay in position as the perfect blood hound? Or rev up a thousand mighty horses back and forth? Or be a piece of livery in the honourable king’s court? Or sunsets stripped down to naughty nothingness? Merry go round evenings spent looking for just a little dress? Or rafting in delectable, gushing rivers of liquid gold Or what a few more loosened knots might just unfold! “But Mama, doodles and books and even little balls of wool?” “Dear, Dear” red pursed lips […]

Forget your worries, Worry not of sin, Each moment is – Where your life begins. Take all you have learned, Leave the rest behind, Seek only what– You wish to find. Let the past become memory And the future unknown, Keep hope in your heart- And love in your soul. Pass through like the rains That renew and release, Live your truth always- Be at peace. About Poet: Atalina Wright is a creative poetess, writer and author living in England. Born in 1979, to an English father and Samoan mother, Atalina draws upon a diverse artistic and spiritual heritage. Atalina’s […]

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