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Esports is a relatively recent area of sports that has recently been actively introduced into our lives. Moreover, it has taken root to such an extent that today, in addition to sports betting that is already familiar to many, entire eSports schools for children are being opened. However, this does not prevent many parents from being mistaken, considering this to be just child’s play. You […]

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What is esports and how did it appear? Cybersport is an individual or team competition in computer games. Since almost any sport involves entertainment, and electronic competitions provide the viewer with it in full due to the dynamism of processes and graphics, he has taken pride of place in the sports niche. Over the years of existence, a branching into cyber disciplines has appeared: first-person […]

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One of the rarest achievements in the sporting world is getting the Triple Crown in horse racing. Horse racing experts will tell you that to achieve the Triple Crown, it takes more than just luck and determination, strength and stamina also play a bigger role. If you are a horse racing betting enthusiast, you may be aware that only on thirteen occasions has this feat […]

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The Premier League remains the most popular and high-intensity league in the world of football and the one trophy all fans dreaming of seeing their club lift. Who are the most successful sides in the history of the Premier League? Are Liverpool and Manchester United at the top of the tree, or do Arsenal and Chelsea boast the best records in the league? 1 Title […]

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When it comes to pro football, but not just any league in the world, the NFL to be exact, the chances for players to cement their status as leaders of their teams and note-worthy athletes in the league don’t come as easy and usually take time to show. If you read up on different NFL stats sites, you’ll probably see how most of the top […]

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