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When it comes to pro football, but not just any league in the world, the NFL to be exact, the chances for players to cement their status as leaders of their teams and note-worthy athletes in the league don’t come as easy and usually take time to show. If you read up on different NFL stats sites, you’ll probably see how most of the top […]

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When sports fans think of pro football, thinking about how much money players make every season seems to pop up in the conversation. To put it in perspective, for a sports fan to make as much money in a year as one of the highest-paid players in pro football they would either have to make bank in a legendary way with their favorite NFL picks […]

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Where did NBA players come from? The National Basketball Association originated in 1891, when James Naismith, a physical educator, and instructor at the International Young Men’s Christian Association Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, invented what he called “Basket Ball.” The first game was played between two high school teams on January 20, 1892. It is the first recorded game of what would later be known […]

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During this pandemic time that we are living in, we had to learn how to live on the internet and social networks, talk to each other through online chats, watch live shows from our favorite singers, pay more attention to the news from our country, and the world, and learn new hobbies. However, the games and championships in the world of sports need to continue, […]

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Your footwear is an integral part of your attire when you’re playing professional cricket. Both batters and Fielders have different roles on the field and to fulfill them they need to make sure they’re wearing the shoes that will adapt to their roles perfectly. The upper part of the shoe should be comfortable Being the top part of the shoe, the upper part covers your […]

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