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SQL (Structured Query Language) holds a supreme place in the world of databases and data management. It provides an efficient way to interact with and retrieve information from databases. Two essential clauses are often used to manipulate and analyze data, which are: These clauses offer distinct purposes. But undoubtedly, they both play a crucial role in data analysis. They are responsible for enabling developers and […]

In object-oriented programming, the “super” keyword holds significant importance, particularly in Java. It provides a way to refer to the superclass or parent class, allowing developers to access and utilize its members within a subclass. The super keyword plays a crucial role in extending the functionality inherited from the superclass while enabling the subclass to add its own specific features. Super keyword in Java is […]

Languages for programming are the basis of contemporary technology, allowing us to connect with machines while developing complex computer programs. With numerous languages for programming accessible right now, all intended for a particular purpose or domain, it may be difficult for beginners to figure out which ones to investigate first. These languages, noted by their simplicity, flexibility, and broad approval such as Java or C++ […]

Reverse string logic is the process of arranging the characters in an existing string in the reverse sequence, leading to a new string containing the letters occurring in the opposite order. This technique is widely utilized in a variety of programming languages and is used in activities ranging from manipulating data to algorithmic solving issues. Learning the mathematics behind reverse a string in C is […]

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Networks inspired by the human brain! Artificial intelligence has now spread its wings in multiple sectors, especially by integrating advanced techniques like deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks. Inspired by the human brain, deep neural networks work beyond just focusing on “if-else” conditions. These networks are designed to analyse, predict and provide solutions to problems. The best part about these networks is that you […]

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