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This is an attempt to delve deeper into the diversity of belief latent in the equally diverse and fascinating magical world of Harry Potter, JK Rowling’s magnum opus spread across 7 exciting parts. The Harry Potter series emphasizes belief rather strongly in different concoctions be it the inherent and universal good-evil distinction, love, friendship, allegiance, loyalty, willpower, skill, miracles and sometimes even through hope. Love, […]

“They say beauty is but a flash in the pan And the arts just facades for sorcery Yes, she was one whose heart was wanton But even today, immortal she stands” (Lines by Anuvab Chattopadhyay) Gauhar Jaan Singer, Dancer, Courtesan, Performer, Seductress 1873-1930 When news broke out of a possible movie on Gauhar Jaan, it made headlines all across Bengal. However, this solitary headline also […]

They said celebrated filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak would take to whisky there to drown his sorrows whenever he ran out of funds or was hugely unhappy with a script. They say how he would bring his unit members and friends over and altercations would often break out following which he would storm out only to return after sometime. You must have guessed that we’re talking about […]

How many pennies do you think it takes to win a rapid fire round? Or sniff around and stay in position as the perfect blood hound? Or rev up a thousand mighty horses back and forth? Or be a piece of livery in the honourable king’s court? Or sunsets stripped down to naughty nothingness? Merry go round evenings spent looking for just a little dress? […]

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Kolkata, as we all know, is a city filled with an indelible sense of charm and history. The City of Joy has a special fragrance in the air engulfing it, one of warmth, affection and a more laid back and easy going approach towards life. Savoring life minus the hits and misses of the corporate rat race is something that Kolkata teaches you in more […]

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