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As per the report, approximately 178 million people across the globe have one or more missing teeth. The most common reason behind missing teeth is tooth decay or cavity followed by gum disease or trauma. Missing teeth do not only ruin the visual appearance of an individual but also impact the neighbouring teeth as well. Thankfully, technological advancements have introduced so many dental treatments and […]

It is the habits that we teach our children in their younger years that define what they grow up to become. Not just communication, preferences, and interpersonal skills, but also hygiene habits are an important part of growing up. This is why it often comes upon parents to teach the children the right habits as their curious years may bring them in contact with things […]

Teeth are an important part of appearance for many people. Whiter teeth are not only important for oral hygiene but are also important for confidence as it is said: “smile is one of the most interactive communication skills.” The public is also influenced by the portrayal of perfect white smile and has become aware of the colour quality of their teeth. There is no doubt […]

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