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Breast augmentation, also known as “breast implants” or “augmentation mammoplasty”, is a surgical procedure to enhance and enlarge the breast area. It is used to restore or reconstruct breast tissue in some patients. For others, it is used for cosmetic purposes to increase breast volume with a natural appearance. This procedure can do more than enlarge the breast area, as it can also improve the […]

Understanding Concussions and Brain Injuries Although our brains are protected by the hard barrier of our skull, a blow or jolt to the head—or a similar jolt to the body that causes the head to move back and forth quickly—is enough to cause a mild traumatic brain injury. Any kind of brain injury that leads to dysfunction can be referred to as a traumatic brain […]

Understanding KAMRA Corneal Inlays Before you decide if this is the treatment for you, we should look at what this procedure actually is and who benefits from it. The KAMRA inlay is a small ring that is inserted into the eye. This is done by making a small flap under the cornea so that the ring is laid under the surface of the cornea, but […]

Defining Medical Spas and Day Spas You may be wondering what the difference between medical and day spas is; however, there is a significant distinction. As the name implies, medical spas incorporate all activities done in day spas, such as facials, nail tech, and general skin treatment, but with medical supervision. Medical spas always have medical personnel on the ground to attend to clients who […]

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The Role of Vision in Sports Performance Clear vision plays a crucial role in enhancing sports performance. When you play sports, your eyes track the ball’s movement, your teammates’ positions, and your opponent’s action. This visual information guides your reaction, decisions, and overall play. Good vision helps accurately judge distances; for example, hitting a baseball or making a football pass. It also aids hand-to-eye coordination […]

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