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A positive change is taking place in the BFSI sector. The evolution of new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and more is allowing digital banking to rise to new heights. Unsurprisingly, it has become an advantageous strategy for any intuitive top digital pioneer in India looking to drive profitability at his BFSI company. Everyone is living in an era of the […]

As per the general rule, the interest gets added to the principal amount after the initial investment. This particular interest is known as the compound interest. The amount is added to the previous investment. Due to that, the new interest gets calculated based on the amount you get after the initial investment. The investment company continues to grow as this process is consistent throughout the […]

Education is of great importance for your child’s future. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to take any risks while investing in your child’s education. While mutual funds, stocks, and some other market-linked instruments offer lucrative returns, your investment will also be subjected to a certain degree of risk. Instead of market-linked instruments, you can focus on stable investment options like FDs. A corporate FD like Bajaj […]

Ease of investment, clarity of returns, and a safe way to earn high interest are some of the main reasons due to which investors turn towards fixed deposits. To earn sufficient interest, you must compare the FD rates across the banks and finance companies and choose an FD provider who provides the highest FD interest rates. However, as bank FD rates have been reduced after […]

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A fixed deposit plan is a financial instrument that provides fixed returns on the lump sum amount that you invest whereas a recurring deposit helps you raise a corpus via monthly deposits. Both are entirely different instruments but fall in the same category of fixed income space. As a result, the interest rate and tenor remain fixed or constant in both RDs and FDs. To […]

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