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Congratulations! You have a new baby! Welcoming a newborn baby is the most joyous celebration in any home. There is a flurry of activity as a treasured addition to the family arrives. For new moms especially, all the shopping and preparations for the baby can seem daunting. That’s because the natural assumption of any mom is that a new baby needs endless products of all […]

Safety is crucial when it comes to residential pools, especially when it comes to children. The risk of drowning starts as soon as the child starts to crawl, and peaks after the child turn one year old. According to a report by the Royal Life Saving, about 532 children below five years old have died from drowning over the past 19 years, and more than […]

Are you wondering which curriculum is best for your child? In India, you can find various curriculums such as State boards, CBSE, ICSE, and IB. Each curriculum has its pros and cons. Among all of these, the most popular one is CBSE. It is owned and controlled by the Union Government of India. In this article, we will discuss different facts you must know about […]

Everything breaks down when you don’t put in proper maintenance to make them stay longer. Proper maintenance of forklifts is not only important to keep your machine healthy but also essential to prevent your operators from getting injured. If you own a company that hires forklifts to those that need them, or you are even using the machine in your industry to carry heavy loads, […]

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A workplace accident may leave an enormous impact on the business, from the personal injury claim, lost productivity, medical bills, low morale, and many other factors. The costs are high, and it isn’t only the financial matters to worry about. For instance, according to the National Safety Council, up to 104,000,000 production days were lost because of work-related injuries back in 2017. That is why […]

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