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A perfume lover expects a lot from the perfume he or she has been using, especially when they have a limited budget. Keeping the needs of perfume lovers across the world, from different backgrounds, Chris Adams has come up with a range of perfumes for women who are so versatile, you will want to have them all in your vanity. The brand promises to give […]

Ever wondered as to why be some luxury fragrances so mighty expensive? In the world of perfumes, you can find the price of even a tiny bottle shooting upwards of $200 as well. That is quite a lot of money to pay for a fragrance which isn’t even likely to stay for 12 hours. Yet, there are several buyers for it! At the same time, […]

Buying a perfume online has been my biggest fear. How can I trust on something I can’t try, smell or check before buying which are the basic fundamentals we use while buying a perfume? However, when I read a lot about this new budding website Perfumebooth, I thought of giving it a try. I saw many positive comments about the service of Perfumebooth, which surely […]

Choosing the right perfume has always been a tedious task. It smells great in the store but when you come home, it is unable to please your senses. A perfume that smelled good on your friend does not make you feel the same way anymore. You cannot just walk into the store and choose any random brand just by looking at the packaging. Selection of […]

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New Year comes with new hopes, aspiration and endless new offers for the customers. Amidst all the hustle bustle of celebrations and resolutions, PerfumeBooth re-launched its website with a new look and tons of new features for the customers. The aim behind it is to make buying their favourite perfume, or any perfumed product online a flawless process. There are many hassles included when it […]

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