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A fixed deposit plan is a financial instrument that provides fixed returns on the lump sum amount that you invest whereas a recurring deposit helps you raise a corpus via monthly deposits. Both are entirely different instruments but fall in the same category of fixed income space. As a result, the interest rate and tenor remain fixed or constant in both RDs and FDs. To […]

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When it comes to working in an office there are lots of spaces available for the employees. Some companies prefer an open-space office or some may have private space for their employees. But which one is best for the employees? Both the spaces have some advantages and disadvantages depending on the need. Open space layout is something where every employee has to work together in […]

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Whenever you are facing any situation where you need legal representation, it is crucial you have a lawyer on your side who can provide advice and guidance you can trust until your case is resolved. From being injured in a car accident to facing other legal obstacles, a competent lawyer can pay off for you in many ways, from helping you gain maximum compensation to […]

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You can find a lot of reasons to keep flowers in your home. Some prefer to keep flowers as they are colorful and sweet, and some prefer because they have a pleasant smell. Whatever reason you put to keep flowers in your room, you will find flowers pleasing and effective in changing the mood of the environment. Research says that flowers are perfect when you […]

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Today, in this digital age, if you have no online presence, then you are dead. You must think optimistically while you are planning to rebrand your small business. You can reach the global audience once you make your products and services available on the worldwide platform. Without digital rebranding, you cannot cut out your competition. Try to make the right choices from your end, as […]

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