Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities. – Sue Atchley Ebaugh

InspiringMeMe is a unique online platform where information is sought out from across the world and disseminated for the benefit of users and followers. Working on an open contributory model, the site covers a wide gamut of topics and accepts contributions from subject matter experts which are then shared throughout the global community. Inspiring MeMe aspires to be the Online Magazine Rack of the world wide web where everyone can find information on topics of their interest and become a part of a vibrant, knowledge sharing and gathering community.

What’s happening is the question that is sought to be answered by InspiringMeMe across topics, ideas, news, views and opinions. With this media company’s efforts, you will always be in the loop about the hottest and trendiest topics that are making waves globally. The biggest differentiator for the company would be its penchant for providing the latest and most updated happenings and information across India.

InspiringMeMe accomplishes this through ferreting out the trending topics for each day from reliable sources and groups the latest happenings and data towards presenting beautiful and heart stirring yet thought provoking blogs to readers. Topics range from healthcare, media, industry, business, sports and culture to a lot more.


InspiringMeMe was founded by Anuj Kumar Gupta on October, 2014. Gupta was driven by a vision where MeMe formed the genesis of his core idea. This word, in Greek, translates into passing on information in diverse forms, i.e. audio, visual, infographics, blogs, articles, etc. This is the core idea behind founding InspiringMeMe. Apart from information and the latest happenings, the online platform also seeks to create a strong base for motivational and positive content since it believes in the power of the written word with regard to healing, inspiring and spurring people towards achieving their dreams.

Also, openness of the entire information sharing community is a concept uniquely propagated by InspiringMeMe. The online platform encourages contributions from every reader and follower and these are then shared and promoted across diverse channels. Building a community of information gatherers, readers and disseminators is the key goal here at InspiringMeMe.com

The idea also fermented in Gupta’s mind from the eagerness of today’s generation to find out the latest and trendiest happenings and information every day. This led to deep thought as to topics and subjects that can draw readers in huge numbers. With this came the foundation of InspiringMeMe – Exploring World Around You. The platform started with celebrity and movie industry gossip, movies of the week and then expanded into several other domains. The growth of the site has been unprecedented for its willingness to delve deep into as many topics and segments as possible without sticking to a single area of specialization since that would have limited the reader base.

Topics Covered

Health & Wellness – InspiringMeMe has a dedicated health section where readers can find tips, tricks, insights and news along with inspirational and motivational content related to health and wellness, beauty, fitness, yoga etc. Staying fit and motivated is what this section aspires to help people with.

Lifestyle – This section covers a bunch of latest articles on lifestyle including fashion, accessories, home decor and healthy relationship etc.

Industry – This section has a wealth of information on several industries and developments, right from automotive, travel, digital marketing, ecommerce to real estate and more.

Entertainment – The latest and trendiest news, views and happenings are curated especially for readers and followers so that customers do not miss their morning papers any more cover under box office, media gossip, poetry zone to day-to-day updates.

Sports Mania – This section contains latest sports blogs covering a wide gamut of disciplines, athletes, tournaments and more.

Apart from sections like these InspiringMeMe also publishes motivational and positive fiction and blogs related to art, history, culture, spirituality, music, food and lots more!

Something for Everyone is the motto influencing content creation at this online platform.

InspiringMeMe provides an opportunity where everyone can become a contributor on our website and also offers Banner Ad Placement & Video Advertisement Service.