anuj kumar guptaAnuj Kumar Gupta is a seasoned digital marketing professional and a B.Tech degree holder in CSE stream. He possesses extensive experience and a thirst for knowledge and the latest news, trends which spurred him to start this unique venture, a platform that would be a one-stop shop for global information along with building a community of writers, readers, followers and those sharing information.

Gupta was always driven by an innate dream to set up his own successful blog and he has now set up an entire community and platform that goes well beyond the traditional realms of a blog. This blog is the outcome of talent with an amalgamation of Content, Digital Marketing and IT. A major collaboration of all three great ideas resulted the birth of – An open global guest blogging platform created to share ideas, stories, articles and visuals that would highly appreciated. We are really happy to say that our effort is being liked by most of you.

His main motto is to share information so that it could reach to everyone across globe and also gives an opportunity for everyone to share their knowledge, talent and expertise globally with the help of our website. Just to be upfront, He always explores several innovative ideas and can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter / X.

If you really want to reward us for our effort, we’d like to hear from you. Simply leave your opinions/suggestions/feedback on our site and we’ll take them into consideration.

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