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  • Twitter Wall for Events: Importance, Benefits & Use Cases

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 330 million active users. It has become an integral part of modern-day communication, allowing individuals and businesses to share their thoughts, opinions, and promotions with a global audience in real-time.

For event organizers, Twitter has become a valuable tool for promoting events and engaging with attendees. By utilizing hashtags, live-tweeting, and promoting special offers, events can increase their reach, build excitement, and generate buzz before, during, and after the event.

With the power of Twitter, event organizers can create a more dynamic and interactive experience for their attendees, ultimately leading to a more successful and memorable event.

Here are a few compelling benefits of having a Twitter Wall at your events.

Benefits of Twitter Wall at Events

If we look at the studies, Twitter is one of the most renowned and popular social media channels globally. Brands, businesses, creators, and celebrities – everyone is active on Twitter and working to expand their reach. With so much popularity, we can imagine how much impact Twitter walls can have on audiences at events. Here are a few benefits of having a Twitter Wall at events.

Increase Audience Engagement

Making events engaging and keeping the attendees hooked is one of the most challenging tasks while hosting any event. With the help of a Twitter Wall, you can increase audience engagement effectively by encouraging them to share their experiences and thoughts about the event on social media.

This is a great tactic to create a swirl among the audience. Attendees can use event hashtags to post their tweets, and these tweets can be displayed on the Twitter Wall, creating a real-time conversation.

Amplify Event Reach

Events are hosted on various scales and for various reasons. Event hosts often face the challenge of letting the event reach the correct audience quickly and most effectively.

With the help of Twitter Wall event, hosts can increase the reach of an event on social media by encouraging attendees to share their experiences with their followers. This can also help increase the visibility of the event and generate more interest from potential attendees.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Feedback is important. Be it events or business. Knowing what your audience is saying about your business is significant in achieving the best results. Twitter Walls can provide event organizers with real-time feedback from attendees, allowing them to gauge the overall sentiment of the event and make adjustments as needed.

Promote Sponsors

Planning an event’s success is impossible without giving your sponsors the due credit and limelight. Fortunately, Twitter Walls work great to display social content. You can treat the Twitter Wall as a designated space to promote event sponsors by displaying their logos and messages alongside attendee tweets.

This way, you can impress the sponsors by keeping them in the limelight and even attract more sponsors for your future events.

How to Use a Twitter Wall Effectively for Events?

There are several ways to effectively use a Twitter Wall at events. Here are some examples:

Display Tweets with Event Hashtags

Encourage attendees to use a specific hashtag for the event and display these tweets on the Twitter Wall in real-time. This can help create a conversation around the event and encourage attendees to share their experiences with others. For example, at a marketing conference, the hashtag #MarketingNationSummit could be used to aggregate all tweets related to the event.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Use the Twitter Wall to run contests and giveaways by encouraging attendees to tweet using a specific hashtag to enter. Display the tweets on the Twitter Wall and randomly select winners throughout the event. For example, a conference could offer a prize for the attendee who tweets the most creative photo of themselves at the event using the event hashtag.

Highlight Event Speakers and Sponsors

Use the Twitter Wall to highlight event speakers and sponsors by displaying their logos and messages alongside attendee tweets. This can help increase visibility and recognition for the speakers and sponsors and create more engagement from attendees.

You can encourage the sponsors to post content related to the event on their Twitter account and display it on the wall to entice the event attendees to stay a part of the event.

Create a Social Wall

In addition to displaying event-related information on the Twitter Wall, you can create a social gallery that displays content from other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. This can help create a more comprehensive view of the event and encourage attendees to share content on multiple platforms.

Over to You

In conclusion, a Twitter Wall can help you use the content on the social media platform to its fullest potential and ultimately host a successful social event. By including a Twitter Wall at your event, you can achieve those results. And in this blog, we have put down a listicle of benefits and examples to help you out in using a Twitter Wall most effectively.

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