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Twitter has one of the most popular social media platforms because it provides the needed information to the reader without eating much of the time. Furthermore, due to its character limit in a tweet, people usually express their message by providing its highlights and giving information straight. And because of that, people prefer reading those tweets and visiting the platform.

So if you are thinking of carrying the same magic on your website – then the Twitter widget is the perfect tool for you. Marketers are actively embedding Twitter widgets into their website as it adds a great charm to their website.

What is Twitter Widget?

Before understanding its various benefits, let us understand some basics about the Twitter Widget.

Twitter Widget is an amazing tool that helps in displaying the Twitter feed on the website. Various social media aggregators provide a dedicated Twitter widget that showcases tweets, posts, images, and more from your desired source on Twitter. In addition, social media aggregators help you collect Twitter feeds from hashtags, mentions, handles, etc.

Moreover, you can even customize your widget by changing its font size, font color, and more. So it helps you to beautify your website and add grace to it. Twitter widgets from social media aggregators also stream visual-based content without affecting the speed of the website.

There are more benefits with the Twitter Widget, which can help you to achieve your business goals.

Benefits of Using Twitter widget on Website

As people are shifting towards online shopping and eStores, businesses emphasize making their website pleasing to the audience, as websites are now considered the representatives of the brand in this online space. And with the help of the Twitter widget, you can attract more audience for your website as it provides the following advantages to the business.

Increases the visuals of your website

You must know how important it is to have an attractive website to attract more audiences. And we know as there will be more audience, there will be more chance of attaining more sales.

Twitter users often upload images or videos, and by embedding them on the website, you can add vibrancy to your website and make it appealing to visitors. Moreover, Twitter users are known for delivering entertaining tweets, and these tweets also bring liveliness to the website.

Increases visitor engagement

As mentioned above, Twitter users often deliver some entertaining and educational content that keeps the reader hooked. By embedding tweets on the website, you can entertain your audience and engage them with scrollable Twitter feeds.

Here is an additional tip: You can collect the feed and embed the Twitter feed using your Twitter handle as the source, as it will keep the visitor engaged and educate them about your products. In addition, it can eventually instill interest in the minds of the readers.

And as the customer stays more on the website, there will be more chances to convert that visitor into your customer.

Strengthen Twitter presence

Social media is a great way to connect to customers. And with such dependency on social media platforms, people often consider businesses’ social media strength to determine the brand’s reputation.

Therefore, if you decide to embed a Twitter widget on your website, you provide a sneak into your Twitter presence to your visitor. And as your visitor also has the option to follow you, it eventually helps you strengthen your social media presence.

Provides social proofs

People often use Twitter to post their pictures with the product, provide their reviews/opinion, or upload unboxing videos where they explain about the product and at the same time give their feedback. These posts act as social proof for the customer. You can provide ease for them in finding social proofs by embedding these feeds on your website.

People often read reviews and consider social proofs before making their purchase decision. By providing them all in one place, you are helping your visitors in their purchase decision and increasing your chance of attaining sales.

Helps in conversion

Twitter widget beautifies the website and helps showcase reviews and social proofs from Twitter, and therefore helps in converting your visitors into your customers.

Also, a customer feels valued when a business showcases their content on the brand’s website, encouraging them to make more content related to the business. It eventually helps in building a strong customer-brand relationship and helps in converting customers into potential customers.


Twitter widget is a smart way to showcase tweets and Twitter feeds on the website. With the help of social media aggregators, you can easily embed Twitter widgets on your website and even customize them to add more grace to the website. Businesses often restrict themselves by using Twitter within the platform’s limits, but with the help of this tool, you can extract more benefits from the platform and take your website to new heights.

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