Digital Marketing & Its Relevance Across Industries
  • Digital Marketing & Its Relevance Across Industries

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What is Digital Marketing?

When it comes to formulating digital marketing strategies, it must be said that every business or enterprise requires a solid blueprint for marketing its products or services online across multiple channels. At the outset, there should be a clearly defined plan for producing content to cater to marketing purposes along with the target audience and methods of targeting them. This strategy is highly important for any organization since it shapes all subsequent marketing activities thereon.

Role of Digital Marketing –

Digital marketing is the lifeblood for any business in today’s times. Digital marketing basically refers to the act of promoting and showcasing products and services to prospective customers across the country and even globally. Digital marketing has a vital role to play in the future success of any company on account of its propensity to help find new audiences along with automatically providing access to millions of people online across multiple channels.

Digital marketing helps build a solid engagement channel for any brand with its existing customers and also helps showcase an organization to the world. Digital marketing also helps in increasing sales volumes directly if it is channelized in the right manner.

Benefits of using Digital Marketing –

The benefits of using digital marketing can be summed up below –

  • Instant reach to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide
  • Well established social platforms and communities for marketing products/services
  • Comparatively easier to market products instantly
  • Better and instant engagement and feedback
  • Building new audiences
  • Cost effective as compared to traditional marketing & advertising platforms
  • Driving continual brand presence and engagement

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses –

Small businesses should certainly embrace digital marketing for the following reasons:

  • Increase their branding outreach without spending pots of money
  • Easy access to thousands of prospective customers without having to spend huge money on customer acquisition
  • Bypass traditional advertising and marketing channels which are expensive and instead build a steady online user community with lower costs
  • Garner and respond quickly to feedback
  • Spread more awareness about the business and its benefits across multiple channels

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing –

The key benefits of digital marketing can thus be summed up in a nutshell:

  • Connects you easily with online consumers
  • Generates higher rates of conversion
  • Connects you with mobile consumers
  • Saves costs of marketing & promotions
  • Delivers higher ROI (returns on investments) for campaigns
  • Makes real-time customer service and engagement possible
  • Generates higher revenues

Advantages of Digital Marketing –

There are several advantages of digital marketing that you should be aware of –

  • You can market your business to a bigger audience
  • You can spread awareness instantly about your business and services
  • You can instantly get customer insights, feedback and respond to the same
  • You can target communities and online groups which serve your purpose
  • You can save money on promotional and marketing expenses
  • You can get more people to sign up for your products/services
  • You can keep increasing your online presence with the right content and other marketing tools
  • You have multiple platforms to market your products/services on including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more.

Types of Digital Marketing –

Now, there are several kinds of digital marketing that are prevalent nowadays. Which one is best for you? You should first understand the types of digital marketing and then take a decision based on what your organization needs.

Here are the 9 types of Digital Marketing –

1. SEO – Scale up Traffic from Search Engines

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most powerful digital marketing types these days. You will be amazed to know that generating search engine traffic can drive up your visitor count and monthly sales alike. A whopping 94% of all search result clicks go to listings which are organic and herein lies the potential to leverage the right keywords to drive more traffic and get your website higher in the list when people search on Google.

Almost all businesses will need to be ranked higher in Google searches. There are keyword planners for doing research on the right keywords to be used. However, SEO has to be backed by good content for it to really make an impact.

2. PPC – Increase Search Engine Traffic Vastly

PPC refers to pay per click advertising and this means the sponsored links that you will find often in Google Searches and also in other search engines like Bing or Yahoo. This is a short term digital marketing technique since the advertisement does not exist once you stop paying money for the same. There are links to your website that you pay to create through advertisements and you also get ranked along with the organic listings shown in searches.

3. PR – Get More Exposure for Your Business

Public relations is a must for any business and cannot be neglected by all means though it is not just one digital marketing type. Public relations has a large scale impact on the results you get from your digital marketing campaigns. Public relations (PR) will be more likely to get you swift exposure with the right content and marketing material. The aim is to get your business in the spotlight and in the minds of consumers quickly.

4. Social Media Marketing – Effective Customer Relationship Building

Social media marketing is a really great technique for getting more exposure for your business and also for directly connecting and reaching out to customers. You can directly interact with customers and get them to engage with you and eventually start relying on you which is the best way to increase sales and also spread brand awareness. Social media marketing covers almost everything required to build up your brand on social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat where you socially interact with customers.

5. Content Marketing – Traffic Increases from Exposure, Search Engines, Leads & Sales

Content Marketing is the numero uno digital marketing type since it includes almost everything. It fuses content for your website along with SEO and PR in tandem with a bit of social media marketing as well. All these methods will be used together to really build up your business online. This digital marketing method makes use of the right content to encourage customers to read on and eventually buy products online. This method also generates leads and the content can be dynamic ranging from blogs and articles to podcasts, YouTube videos, Infographics and even tweets.

6. Affiliate Marketing – Watch your Leads & Sales Skyrocketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way to bring in the big bucks online. It is also a well known digital marketing type. Affiliate marketing means sharing the profits from sales without any upfront costs. How does this work? You basically recruit affiliates for your business (could be other websites) and they keep drawing in leads. These are basically commission based sites and other communities which earn a share from the sales that they garner. This system works fantastically for e-commerce companies and other organizations which sell directly to the consumer.

7. Viral Marketing – Sudden Short Term Exposure

Want to make your brand a sudden darling of the web world even though it’s only for a short period of time? Welcome to viral marketing, one of the most revolutionary and potent digital marketing types. The only catch is that it is a short term solution but can increase your brand outreach, sales and customer engagement dramatically.

If you can get any content to suddenly go viral, your business could well be a success overnight! Your next marketing campaign could have videos and other content which is trending and if your content catches on, your brand will go viral and start trending online all of a sudden. This will bring you potentially millions of views, visits and loads of interest centered on your brand.

8. Influencer Marketing – Scale up Your Exposure

This digital marketing type does depend a lot on the industry in which you are working in. Influencer marketing is a comparatively new concept but has immense potential for scaling up overall exposure. This method has you driving higher sales by getting into a deal with anyone who already has a sizeable following online and can nicely influence your target audience.

Suppose you tie up with a well known public personality who has a huge fan base online and he/she will subtly push sell your product/service since he/she is an influencer for the masses. It does not always have to be people in the public eye. You can reach out to popular bloggers/Instagrammers to share and showcase your products and voila! You can easily reach out to thousands of people and get the moolah pouring in!

9. Website Marketing/Online Marketing – Inclusive Solution and may Encompass the other Techniques as well

This digital marketing type encompasses almost everything you want. This markets you online in a regular manner and also highlights your website. This is basically an acronym for the services that you desire from any digital marketing agency/provider. This does not usually contain PR but there is always a mixture of all the types mentioned above. You should never build up a website and keep it idle. Instead, build up your online presence with the right online/web marketing.

Now that you have a comprehensive picture of digital marketing, its advantages and types, it’s time to go ahead and make a productive and effective choice for your business!

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