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Videos are considered one of the most trending ways to keep the audience engaged on social platforms. To keep the audience engaged in your video, you have less than 10 seconds. If your video’s initial 8-10 seconds doesn’t catch their attention, they’ll immediately skip to another video. Thus, there are some key aspects that you need to keep in mind to keep the audience engaged and make a YouTube video. To make a YouTube video that is engaging, informative, and entertaining, you must focus on the following aspects:

Create a great title and description for the video

The title and description of a video play a significant role in keeping the viewers engaged. Successful video creators always ensure that the title and the description are SEO-friendly by including keywords in them, as it helps improve the video’s ranking. Some of the tips that can help you catch the viewer’s attention and increase your SEO ranking are:

  • Keep the length of your title short, i.e., around 50 to 60 characters.
  • Titles based on questions, tutorials, and lists tend to perform better.
  • Understand and satisfy the audience’s curiosity.
  • Avoid clickbait titles.
  • Mention the benefit of watching the video to the audience in the title.

The audience relies on the description to develop a deeper understanding of the products, services, and information you offer. On YouTube, you can write a description of around 5,000 characters, in which you should give special attention to the first 200 characters. Some of the things to keep in mind while writing a description are:

  • Include the main keyword in the description.
  • Mention how the video would provide value to the audience.
  • Share links of other videos on the same platform.
  • Make use of interrogative sentences.
  • Include timestamps to make the video engaging and interesting.
  • Add call-to-action (CTA) in the description.
  • Include the links on other platforms.

Pick interesting and attractive thumbnails to grab the audience’s attention

For video content, you have only a few seconds to create an impression. Thumbnails are small pictures, but they play a prominent role in making the video successful. They provide enough details about the video to the users to make a decision. An attractive thumbnail can grab the viewer’s attention and prod them to watch the video. If the thumbnail fails to impress, then the audience would just scroll past your content. The elements you choose for a thumbnail can help curate your brand identity and give your video a professional look. Thus, you should create customized thumbnails for your videos to help your videos perform well. Here are some points that can help you create engaging thumbnails:

  • Create thumbnails with a personal touch. For this, you can add your brand logo or include the brand color or font to the thumbnail.
  • Choose a picture that has a strong emotion. For instance, a picture of a surprised or elated person would be an excellent choice for your thumbnail.
  • Use only high-quality images for thumbnails.
  • The color and font in the thumbnail should be eye-catching and attractive.
  • The image should be simple, clear, and clean; the viewer should not get confused about the video by seeing the thumbnail.
  • Never make false claims or promises to the user.

Choose the video type that suits your requirement

There are four types of video content successful on social networks:

  • Explainer video – These are short videos that explain the products and services your brand is offering. In addition, explainer videos also address the pain points of the audience and answer their concerns. This type of video is a great option to get your audience hooked on your content.
  • Tutorial video – It has been observed that viewers can recollect more than 90% of the information after watching a tutorial video. This is one of the most effective types of video that teaches the audience some valuable skills and helps create brand awareness and trust among them.
  • Behind the scenes video – This type of video helps to satisfy the viewers’ curiosity. You can include a wide variety of topics in this category, like: how do you broadcast the video? How do you shoot the video? What are your brainstorming sessions like? This also lets the audience get involved in the video-making process.
  • Q&A (questions and answers) videos – When the audience asks you questions or doubts, they prefer to hear the answers or suggestions outright in a video rather than fill impersonal forms and wait for responses. A video where you answer your audience’s questions would help create brand credibility and increase their trust in you. It’s also better if you do Q&A videos as live sessions.

Important elements of an engaging video

To keep your video engaging, focus on the following points:

  • Social media video strategy – Just creating a video is not enough. There has to be proper planning and strategy for a video. The strategy for an engaging video would include sound, lighting, software, filming, designing, and others. Besides these technical aspects, you should research the audience, define your video’s goals, and include ideas that would help keep the video engaging.
  • Length of the video – The length of a video depends on various parameters, including the platform, audience preference, and others. Moreover, the length or duration of a video needs to be tailored according to the platform, as one file size may not be suitable for all types of videos and platforms.
  • Tell a story – The video should convey a message to the viewers, as it is easy to reach a person through a story. Stories are an effective and powerful way to keep the audience engaged.
  • Add Call-to-Action – After your video is over, if people like your content, they would definitely be interested in listening to you and learning more about you. Thus, you should guide them on the next steps and encourage the audience to sign-up for more information. Avoid selling your products through the CTA.


Videos are the most trending marketing strategy you can adopt to keep your audience engaged and convey your message effectively. Some of the tips discussed here to create great and engaging video content for YouTube are having a compelling video title and description, creating customized thumbnails, and choosing the video type according to your and your audience’s interest. Keep these basic pointers in mind to make your content consistently informative and keep your audience engaged for the long haul.

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