1. How does the Inspiring MeMe site work?

We extract the stories of the top news and make blogs on the most trending topics that are prevalent nowadays. Our blogs are categorized into several topics and its subtopics where we display all the stories in the most interesting manner.

2. Why do you call your website Inspiring MeMe?

The word ‘Inspiring’ means inspiration and ‘MeMe’ is Ideas. Our blog is an ocean filled with ideas and information all accumulated at one place. Hence named Inspiring MeMe.

3. I need help in creating a blog name, can you suggest me anything?

We would really be happy to have time and imaginations helping you come out with a unique blog name. But unfortunately no one knows better than you. So, try to pick something unique by yourself. If still you find difficulty, we are there to help you. Simple send us an email and we will do further.

4. Can I add you on my personal Facebook?

We would really be happy to appear on your personal Facebook. We do however have our own Facebook page, which we would love for you to like. You can also message us there.

5. If I found some blog interesting, how can I like it?

First of all thank you for such thinking. If our blog entice you a lot, you can like or comment particular blog by clicking on the button below and at the same time can share on different social networking sites.

6. How can I see the topics that you cover?

You can see the topic in the following ways:

• Enter a term in Search Bar to find your related topic.
• Choose a category on the right of the page to view the related topics

If you still can’t find something, then please feel free to contact us.

7. Do you cover topics on beauty tips?

Yes, we have beauty tips category, covered under health & wellness section.

8. How often do you upload the posts?

We upload on daily basis.

9. How do you decide the order of the topics to be posted?

There is no such hard and fast rule of the order. We just check the matter that is more trending and grabbing the attention of the viewers.

We like to share things and urge people out of their comfort zones. We only select handful topics that can allure you towards reading rather than uploading the junks.

10. How do I suggest an additional topic?

You can make your suggestions through email.

11. Some of my favorite topics are not included, how do I get you to add them?

You can make the suggestion by mailing to us and please tell us what kind of topic you want to see them in.

FAQ for Site Owners and Bloggers

12. How do I get my site or blog added to Inspiring MeMe?

You can either go to our contact section and raise your query, or can mail us directly at with complete details of your site or blog, and we will proceed with your requirement.

13. What if I want to remove my blogs from your site?

Once an article has been published, then we don’t entertain any content removal request.

14. Does Inspiring MeMe create IMM Contributor Profile for all authors?

Yes, Inspiring MeMe create IMM Contributor Profile for every contributor that they can use in their portfolio.

15. How do I check my IMM Profile in website.

There are two ways to check your IMM Profile URL as mention below;

  • Search your name and you will find your profile listing in result page. Click and copy the URL.
  • Click on International/National contributors’ page and then search for your name for URL.