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  • Social Listening with NetbaseQuid Changes the Marketing Sector

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The marketing sector has been evolving for many years with increasing numbers of businesses and brands shifting their focus from traditional media to social media platforms. One of the most popular techniques currently being used is that of social listening that can have a big impact on the way a brand uses its marketing to reach out to more customers using the most up to date and popular platforms on the internet.

What can be done with Social Listening?

A company such as NetbaseQuid can have a positive impact on the way a brand understands its customers using the technique of social listening. When discussing social listening, we may believe it is another form of social media monitoring that can be enjoyed by a brand as they look at the data from the available platforms. However, there are many different options available in taking a look at how a brand is being discussed on social media platforms and listening is just one of these options.

When a brand looks to social media monitoring they are using the basic techniques available to ensure a company has all the data needed to see how and where they are being mentioned. This may seem like an all-inclusive way of looking at social media use, but listening means taking the available data and interpreting it to get the best knowledge about every aspect of social media use.

How Listening to Social Media Works

Social media is becoming increasingly spread across various aspects of the many platforms available. This can make it more difficult for a brand to ensure they have the knowledge they require to move forward with their marketing campaigns. Marketing now takes a more individual approach to the user experience by using social listening to learn as much as possible about the way their products and services are viewed online.

Listening means taking a more in-depth approach than that offered by the use of social media monitoring. By listening, a brand actively takes an interest in what is being stated about it online and absorbs the information to get an overall view of how the brand is viewed online.

The Benefits of Social Listening

One of the most common reasons for engaging in listening activities on social media platforms is the chance to learn more about the reputation of each brand within its customer base. By using big data in a monitoring situation, the majority of brands will learn exactly how many times they are mentioned in hashtags and using their username. However, by listening, the reputation of the brand will quickly come into view with the majority of brands gaining a jump on any negative views of their company.

Any company that makes changes to its brand or product line runs the risk of upsetting and alienating its loyal customer base. By taking a look at the information supplied by NetbaseQuid through its listening tools the brand can make its way through the information to learn how their changes are affecting their reputation and appearance online.

Other areas where listening can play a key role in social media is through the use of the tools available through NetbaseQuid. These include the ability to keep a tighter control on the PR associated with each brand and to find influencers who would be a good fit for each brand.

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