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  • 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Target Audience

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Social media platforms can be tons of fun for entertainment. If you’re growing a brand for business purposes, social media platforms can serve as excellent tools to help you gain visibility. When you look at some of your favorite content creators, you might assume that the process involves ease and spontaneity. However, there’s a science and intentionality behind it all. If you’d like to know how to use social media strategies to attract your target audience, consider the following tips.

Use the Right Platforms

Do your research to uncover where your ideal customer hangs out. The crowd on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat varies from the crowds you’ll find on Facebook and Twitter. Consider your product and the ideal customer. Think about their age, their concerns, and their interests. Then, look at each platform to uncover the demographics. While all ages hang out on all platforms, most platforms are typically dominated by one or two demographics in particular. By choosing the right platform, you increase your chances of attracting the right customer.

Create Consistently Compelling Content

Many people know how to show up daily to perform. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to show up consistently on social media. You actually need to have excellent content to engage with people. If you’re showing up with boring content, it doesn’t matter how faithful you are.

For example, if you’re a preacher who wants to attract more first-time visitors to your congregation, it’s not enough to post snippets of your most recent sermon. You need to study the packaging to make sure it’s compelling enough. In the day and age of 15-second clips, you can quickly and easily lose the attention of your desired audience. Make sure the words are concise, clear, and interesting. If the lighting is bad, research ways to improve it. If you have a monotone voice, find ways to work on your vocal presentation. None of these components requires you to invest a ton of money. They do require you to research, practice, and improve.

Invite friends, family members, and unbiased people to provide their feedback on your packaging and messaging. Consider their feedback to cultivate better content that engages the right eyeballs.

Host Collaborations

If you look at the journeys of notably successful people, they’ll admit that collaborations, partnerships, or referrals played a role in their ability to soar. No man is an island. On your journey toward social media success, you’ll need to collaborate with others to gain a different level of visibility. Collaborations are powerful because they introduce you to a new audience immediately. Whether you connect with micro-influencers, major influencers, or fellow brands, develop a weekly strategy that involves reaching out and connecting with new people.

Collaborations come in many forms. You can collaborate by hosting a live broadcast with another content creator. Another collaboration style can include paid promotional efforts with a major influencer. Collaborations can be a great way to network and meet off-line to exchange notes, recommend social media marketing courses, and learn from each other.

Utilize Trending Topics

By visiting Google, it’s easy to see the trending topics. While you want to develop content that’s planned and prepared in advance, leave room for spontaneous content. If you’re not naturally witty or good on the fly, pay attention to how other brands respond to trending topics. By using some of the trending topics in your weekly strategy, you’ll introduce your brand to people who are already interested and searching for content surrounding that topic.

Use the Latest Features and Host Live Broadcasts

When a social media platform introduces a new feature, use it. The platform creators and algorithms tend to reward creators who use the features. Instagram tends to favor content creators who use Instagram Reels and the live broadcast feature. By using these features regularly, you’ll automatically increase your chances of gaining more visibility.

Think about the content creators you already follow. Then, take a look at their follower count. If they have a count higher than a few thousand, they have to use strategies to build. Their strategies did a good enough job of attracting your attention. Never assume that someone handed a content creator one million followers. More than likely, they used strategies to get there. If you become intentional in your efforts, you can also increase your visibility, successfully launch your brand and attract the followers you’re looking to connect with.

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