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Looks like you have a Twitter account and very happy to see your tweets and followers. But ever wondered of auditing your account? You would be wondering who does an audit of a social media account! The bitter truth is, today whether you audit your financial statements or not, you must audit your social media accounts, especially twitter.

So, to audit your Twitter profile, the foremost thing is to gather the information you need. There are multiple tools to do so. However, it could get cumbersome to attach all the information under one platform. The best way would be Twitter’s native platform and Sprout’s Twitter analytics, enabling you to extract data from the Twitter profile. With such tools, you will be able to see the profile of each tweet along with the date and time of the tweet. Besides, you get to know the link to the tweet on Twitter, messages, clicks, reach, re-tweets, replies, likes, and impressions all under one roof.

How Twitter Native Work

Twitter Native shall do the needful in the following way:

  1. Select Tweets tab once you log into your dashboard
  2. Get your data range set
  3. Now click on ‘Export Data’

You will be able to find a spreadsheet having all your statistics for your tweets, engagements and more.

What Sprout Social Do

Sprout Social helps you to put your data into one spreadsheet. You will be able to reach your data from all your profiles instantly. This is what you may do with Sprout Social:

  1. Reach the reports tab once reach the dashboard of your sprout social.
  2. You will view your information on a tweet level when you hit reports of your sent messages.
  3. You can now look for the facts to analyze, selecting the time frame.
  4. Now, click on the selection button of your Twitter profile you want data on and Export CSV file.

So where do we start it from? Let us begin with checking your followers’ profile

Well, it is as easy as it gets. Twitteraudit(.)com makes the work effortless to decide if the followers on your Twitter account are real or fake. It takes into account a random sample of Twitter users. The tool calculates a score for each follower based on the number of tweets, the ratio of followers to friends, date of the last tweet etc. Thus, you may put all the required information into a spreadsheet and develop a profile for your average follower. Twitter’s native analytics gives you better demographics about your audience. It helps you know how many fake followers you have, what your followers tweet about, when are they most active and more.

Know why and how is the rate of your followers on Twitter account increasing or decreasing

Well, there are several reasons for decreasing followers, it could be a loss of interest by the followers, or there is nothing much original or fresh about what you tweet, or when you are unable to answer their tweets. Besides, sometimes the Twitter is fed with spam. It is advisable that you too take interest in following those people who follow you, number of engagements if you find them interesting. You will get interaction and genuine connections.

Alternatively, creating original and interesting tweets, sharing something innovative, can pull in followers.

Twitter, by default, sends you a notification to let you know when someone new is following you, provided you have set your email preferences.

  • You can check on the followers’ link on your Twitter profile page and you will be able to see how many followers you have and who they are. Twitter followers Club a free tool that is a good option to keep a track of your followers week wise.
  • Klear- Social Analytics and are ways of fan base growth and gives a more detailed data.
  • TwitterAnalyzer(.)com gives you a brief description about your followers’ user insights like the reach, unique reach, RTS, and about followers – when are they online, where are they from, when are they most active, how well are they active giving you a total insight of it all.
  • For tracking your followers from the moment, you have signed in on Twitter (not the historical data), the SumAll|All-in-One Social Media & e-commerce Dashboard serves the best purpose and is a good tool to keep a track of the same.
  • The Crowdfire application does a lot of work easy as it helps in managing Twitter account more efficiently and seeking answers such as names of un-followed people, inactive users, and followers, statistics on how your social media updates affect your followers etc.

Learn what is the engagement rate of your tweets and Hashtags relevant to your niche?

Well, engagement rate of your tweets means the total number of times a follower interacted with a tweet by retweeting, replying, following, liking, links, cards, hash-tags, username, profile photos and so on.

There is a formula to know the tweet engagement rate by taking the number of replies and re-tweets on the tweet to the number of followers multiplied by 100. So basically, the number of engagements is divided by impressions.

Next are Hashtags. Hash tags are a way for the audience to get interested in your niche to explore you more. Using a range of various Hashtags in your alcove, it definitely helps you get found by audiences.

Notice if you are getting re-tweets and favorites on your tweets from the relevant audience or not? And the response for your tweets at different timings

  • When audience like your posts or make it favorite, it means they appreciate your tweet; they enjoy and look forward to seeing your tweets more.
  • Similarly, when followers reply to your tweets, whether positive or negative, never mind. The fact that you have been able to build up a rapport with the audience is more important.
  • Re-tweets plays a significant role as it shows that your followers enjoy your company and decide to share it with their own audience. It is a good sign and builds up absolute connections.
  • The Buffer social application helps you schedule and analyze your posts too.

Are you generating web traffic from your tweets?

For this, you need to review the data. You get to have a spreadsheet data which displays the improvement in the traffic of your Twitter referral. In order to keep generating traffic from your tweets, it is imperative you know what excites your audience, keep a track of your nature of tweets – it could be pictures, videos, links, and tags. Sometimes the way you write draws a lot of attention. Understand the language that the followers are a fan of whether structuring of sentences, usage of one-liners, or puns, satires or poetry. Keep a tap on it.

In addition, since generating web traffic from your tweets is one of the reasons to be on tweeter, clicks also count as when someone clicks on a link that you tweeted, it does drive traffic.

Bitly a tool to measure your web traffic plays an integral part.

Creating a right Twitter profile also makes a lot of difference. Embellish it with your current profile picture; avoid using the brand logo or something. People want to talk to real people and not a brand. With such an audit you ought to enjoy your Twitter life.

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