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  • The Most Common Mistakes Made When Using Instagram To Promote Your Business

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Every day, we work on the Instagram profiles of dozens of our clients. We can assist you in growing your accounts by increasing the number of followers, creating engaging content, and expanding your reach. We also do several external social media audits – we have already seen tens of thousands of corporate accounts on Instagram, allowing us to gain expertise and compile a list of the most common mistakes made when marketing a business on the platform.

There is no strategy.

The first and most basic error is, of course, the lack of a strategy. Companies “testing” Instagram’s potential frequently creates a profile, make a few posts, and then leave the profile alone because they don’t notice any instant benefits. We’ve seen situations when a brand only updates on Instagram once every six months, or just when there’s a sale or announcement. Followers who have not been contacted on the profile will not respond to our periodic posts, and they will most likely not use the services or purchase the merchandise.

Clients want help and effective communication from brands on social media. They believe the brand is not keeping up with the evolution of social media because they see a neglected, empty profile. Followers who are unable to check for fresh publications will lose faith in the brand. We have a great initial impression of a firm if we see an account with attractive, modern posts, a lot of free Instagram likes and comments. When we join an empty account, the result is the polar opposite: we lose faith, we don’t see social evidence, and we even worry if the organization is still in business.

The worst thing we can do is contribute to a scenario like this. It’s far better not to start Instagram at all than to leave it as a consumer scarecrow. This may sound self-evident, yet when we approach a business owner about Instagram, we frequently hear things like “I don’t even know if we have any Instagram…” “I believe we have some Instagram, and our kid once assisted us with something…” so, in the end, quite a bit. It’s far better to hire a specialized firm like ours to manage your company’s Instagram account.

Using no descriptions or hashtags in your posts

There are dozens of articles, books, and courses on how to use Instagram effectively, and each one touches on this topic. However, we continue to see influencer postings without even a brief description. Each photo tells a tale; yet, without a caption, only the post’s creator is visible. For example, a holiday shot with no description of the journey, destination, or other details.

When looking at the report from the outside, you might assume that the photo is from the Internet and that the author, for example, enjoys the scenery and wishes he could be there. Or is it possible that it already exists? Let us not assume that observers are aware of every detail of our lives; we see a lot of profiles that are taken out of context, which just adds to our bewilderment and makes us feel confused. “The Confused Mind Never Buys,” as the industry’s renowned English proverb goes. Another consideration is the posting of entries that include descriptions but do not include hashtags.

We lose a lot of new traffic by not using hashtags, and our posts only reach our followers. If we can reach out to free Instagram followers, it’s worth it to take advantage of the chance and set up at least 5-10 #. We generate packages of excellent hashtags for each publication for our clients – this is a key component of an Instagram account’s effective development.

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