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  • How Do You Increase Likes On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram?

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Nowadays, social media has grown to become an integral part of our lives. Today, social media is far more than just a mere ground for users to interact and socialize with each other. The worldwide social media trend is now driven towards creating an enriching base for online business on these platforms.

From Mystery rooms Bangalore to Vogue magazine Paris, businesses worldwide now see social media as a rich ground for their brands to flourish. Thus, it has become essential for brands to pay heed to how many likes they get or even how many followers they have on their page.

Given the vitality of gathering followers and likes, it is also vital for brands to look into every little detail of their online presence. Many businesses often find it rather difficult to gather more followers and likes on their social media pages. While it is not possible to have more followers and likes miraculously overnight, there are a few strategies and tactics that you can try out.

This article will share how you can increase your likes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. So, let us begin!


Given the immense vitality of likes and follows when growing your online business, it might often sound tempting to ‘buy’ likes. But no matter what anyone tells you, buying fake likes is never a good option. Instead, here are a few tactics that you can try out:

  • Find out what your audience is looking forward to seeing. You can take help from various analytical tools to find out the desires of your audience and create posts that answer their needs.
  • You need to find out when your audience remains the most active on Facebook. Surveys have found that between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays is the best time to make a post. Once you know when the best time is, you can then go ahead and schedule your posts accordingly!
  • Always stay up-to-date on the recent trends and craft viral content to make it popular amongst your audience.
  • Sending invites to your potential customers can also be an excellent way to fetch more followers and likes on your page.
  • Associating your brand with relevant influencers and collaborating with them occasionally can be a beneficial way to gather more followers and likes.


Your Twitter audience will be slightly varied in contrast to Facebook. Users here would look for quality and value over quantity when checking out your content. Hence, it would be best if you created an authoritative identity on Twitter to gather more likes. You can try out these strategies to increase your preferences here:

  • Craft a strong bio that makes your brand stand apart from the rest and quickly grabs the attention of any user.
  • Your content needs to be concise, offer users relevant information, and have high quality.
  • Using relevant hashtags or even a catchy caption or tagline is the key to attracting more likes and followers on Twitter.
  • Ensure that there are no censored errors on your page.
  • Engaging with Twitter communities in your industry is a fruitful way to gather more followers and likes over time.
  • There can be nothing better than regularly engaging with your customers and industry leaders by tagging, retweeting, or even replying to their tweets!

– When you reply to a tweet, ensure that it is a thoughtful and detailed response rather than a brief one-word reply.

– Giving shout-outs or complimenting other brands in your industry by tagging them is another helpful way to gather more followers.

– Retweeting the posts of your followers and fans can be a great way to show that you value them and thus can help you gain more followers!


Unlike any other social media platform, Pinterest offers users a space to follow their interests and engage with content they like. Increasing your likes on Pinterest might often seem challenging since you need to grab the users’ interest. However, there is nothing impossible in the world, so why don’t you try out these few tips and see if you can increase your likes:

  • There is no alternative to remaining regular, updated, and unique when designing and publishing your posts on Pinterest.
  • Joining different boards on Pinterest can help you learn what your users like or enjoy. It will offer you helpful insights into the current trends in the market.
  • Users are always looking for original and relevant content. So, ensure that all your photos and videos are original and not pirated versions of someone else’s content.
  • You can take advantage of the different occasions (like Christmas, Holi, Dussehra, etc.) that occur in other months. All you need to do is post content related to these occasions. Since users often look for specific content on these occasions, your content would greatly help them!
  • Looking for different contests on Pinterest and tagging more and more people can also be an excellent strategy to work on!


Instagram has now become quite an addicting platform for several users worldwide. For brands to maintain and regulate their authority on this innovative and intriguing platform, they must always remain updated on the latest updates. Here are some helpful tactics to gather more likes on Instagram:

  • Following up and drawing inspiration from other brands and industries is one of the best ways to learn more on this platform. It does not matter whether a particular brand belongs to the same industry. You can always know something or the other from each of them by noting how they post their photos or videos on Instagram.
  • Using hashtags to your brand’s benefit is a helpful way to become recognized and seen by more viewers. However, it does not mean that you add just any and every hashtag to your posts; instead requires you to be selective in choosing your hashtags. You can use your brand hashtag, too, if you want!
  • When it is relevant, you can even work on tagging the post and the people with whom you have worked in the caption. For instance, if you have celebrities as your brand ambassadors or any other distinguished personality on any of your posts, tag them!
  • Make the best out of your Insta bio and make it not just quirky but also catchy and unique to grab the most attention.
  • Work as much on coming up with the perfect caption as you work on designing your posts. Using a good caption helps in harboring a reasonable expectation in the minds of your audience. This will make them look forward to your next post and eagerly follow up on your content!


With these few strategies and tactics, you can gather more followers and likes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Keep in mind that more likes will not come to you overnight. So, ensure you remain patient and determined in handling your social media accounts.

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