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  • Chimney Cleaning and Why You Need It

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  • Published Date: August 23, 2022
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When you have a chimney in your house, you may assume it doesn’t need a lot of attention throughout the year. After all, it’s meant to withstand any fires you might light in the fireplace and provide ventilation for the smoke. This means the chimney has to be built to withstand high temperatures over a long period of time as well as potential weathering since part of it connects to the exterior of the house. However, similar to other types of features on the property, the chimney needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure it remains both functional and safe to use. In fact, there are a few benefits when it comes to chimney cleaning and why you should use chimney cleaning services to get a thorough job done.

Protect Your Health

Cleaning your chimney is crucial when it comes to protecting your health and safety because it will prevent the residents in the home from being exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning when you use the chimney. When the flu of a chimney isn’t clear, it’s very easy for carbon monoxide to build up within the house instead of being released out the chimney with the smoke. This is incredibly dangerous because people don’t know they’re in danger until it’s too late.

When debris and small branches are stuck in your chimney, or if you’ve allowed soot and other debris from using the chimney to build up, it can cause carbon monoxide to be released into the home when it has nowhere else to escape as a fire burns. Not only is this dangerous, but it can lead to death in some instances because it’s odorless, invisible, and hard to detect until after everyone in the home has fallen unconscious.

For this reason, regularly clearing your chimney, and the flu is of utmost importance. Make sure to clear it of all debris, including anything that could have fallen in from the top.

Easier Inspections

Getting chimney sweeps make it easier to perform chimney inspections because there’s less dirt, debris, and grime present to get in the way or create a mess. A certified professional will have a much clearer view of the different components of the chimney to determine if any issues are present or if it’s safe to use your chimney. It can be challenging to reach certain areas of the chimney if too much soot and creosote are present. You can also receive an inaccurate diagnosis of different issues if the chimney is dirty. Chimney inspections should be performed once each year at a minimum or when issues start to develop.

Improved Heating Efficiency

When you clean your chimney at least once each year, it improves your heating efficiency and makes it easier to stay warm during when it gets colder. A proper fireplace is able to burn easier and more efficiently than if it had to struggle through ash, grit, and debris to do so. When the chimney isn’t cleaned for several years, it can block oxygen from reaching the flames, making it difficult to enjoy a long-burning fire.

A clean chimney also allows smoke to blow in the right direction because it won’t be blocked by twigs or debris that are blocking the airflow and affect where the smoke escapes. You won’t have to worry about smoke flowing back into the building, which can be safe to breathe in and inhale.

After learning about the different benefits of chimney cleaning, it’ll be easier to prioritize and schedule each year. Finding a reputable professional in the local area to perform the task can allow you to rely on their expertise and maintain the operation of your chimney when the temperatures drop.

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