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  • Ways to Save Your Business’s Roof When You Notice There’s Damage

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  • Published Date: December 20, 2021
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Your business is a valuable asset that you should protect with an elegant and durable roof. A strong roofing system will keep your employees safe, motivated, and comfortable and boost the commercial property’s value. However, sometimes factors like poor installation and unfriendly weather can impair the shingles and make them weaker. Ignoring the damage leads to continuous leaks, mold issues, high power bills, and disrupted workflow.

If you have noticed minor or major significant damage on your business’s roof, you should consider implementing the following strategies to try to preserve it and hopefully extend its life.

Clean and Mend the Gutters

The gutter along any roof’s edge helps collect and deposit water away from the commercial property’s foundation. This prevents the water from wearing away both the ground around the building and also, if it erodes far enough, the foundation that the building sits on. Rainwater is also likely to stagnate on the roof if allowed to remain and cause additional damage to the entire building very quickly if the gutter becomes somehow clogged. For this reason, business owners should consider selecting a professional to clean their gutters and also perform inspections or repair if they think their room might have become damaged.

Moderate Foot Traffic on the Commercial Roof

If your building allows roof access to employees as a place to hang out or visit, you should think about providing extra protection and maintenance to the roof compared to buildings that don’t allow roof access. Foot traffic increases the likelihood of damage on a rooftop. If you want the roof to serve you for longer, you should hire professionals to check various items that are usually found on a roof, such as generators and solar panels installed up there. Some companies install walkway pads to prevent accidents or to make it clear where people on the roof are allowed and not allowed to go while up there. Additionally, you should only allow a few people to access the commercial roof system.

Seek Professional Inspection Services

One of the duties of a business owner is to plan for professional inspections for everything from their building to how they run their workplace. Experts indicate that a commercial-grade roof should undergo examination at least twice every year to make sure they’re up to code and remain structurally sound. This is also an easy way to catch roofing problems early before they have the chance to become a bigger, and likely more expensive, the problem you have to deal with. The professionals from a roof repair company, companies like Everest Systems, offering commercial roofing services will locate any damaged sections and easily repair them. They will also apply a high-performance coating to prepare your organization’s roofing system for extreme temperatures.

Clear Debris from the Roof

Another tip that business owners can use to preserve the roof of their commercial properties is to simply ensure that they do not have any litter, both trash, and natural debris, lying around on the rooftop. Any and all objects deposited by wind can damage shingles if any are installed on the roof, or damage anything that could be up there, such as generators or solar panels. There’s also the possibility of the debris allowing for the growth of mold or fungus, which can easily damage walls and compromise the entire building. A great example would be wet leaves left behind after a storm which can facilitate the growth of mold over time. Removing them safely will save the roof.

In conclusion, a commercial roofing system is a considerable investment that every business owner should consider making. Unfortunately, some investors fail to care for these systems and make them more vulnerable to extreme damage. After you notice that the roof is damaged, you should take several precautions, such as cleaning, repairing, and unclogging, to extend its lifespan. These techniques will help you sustain the commercial roofing for as long as possible.

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