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  • What to Check Around Your House After A Major Storm

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If there is one thing you as a homeowner dread, it is having your home be in the path of a major storm. Whether it is a strong thunderstorm or something more dangerous like a tornado or hurricane, it is always important to check many parts of your house for possible damage after the storm passes. To know which things should be at the top of your list, here are some areas of your home that should be a top priority following a major storm.

Examine Exterior Walls

After a major storm, especially a hurricane, always make sure you closely examine your home’s exterior walls for signs of damage. In most cases, you will be looking for obvious holes or dents that indicated a strong impact occurred. Be sure to photograph any damage so that you can have it ready for any claims you need to make.

However, also be on the lookout for wall cracks that have a spider-web pattern, since this indicates your wall’s insulation may have been damaged. Damaged insulation could lead to higher energy bills, not to mention the potential for pests, moisture, and other things to enter.

Inspect Your Roof

Along with the exterior walls, your home’s roof is at high risk of being damaged during a major storm. Once it is safe for you to go outside, inspect your roof to see if it has any shingles that are broken or missing. Use caution when on your roof, and if you don’t feel comfortable up there, it’s okay to call an expert.

If you see anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to contact roofing repair experts as soon as possible. By doing so, you can prevent further water damage from taking place. Roof damage can lead to even more expensive problems, so it is best to get ahead of this.

Look for Flooding

With many storms, especially major ones, rainfall will be very extreme. That water has to go somewhere, and at times it can be in your house. So take a look in your basement and determine if there’s any flooding.

Check Your Gutters

If your roof was damaged, chances are your gutters were also damaged from the storm. Should any part of your guttering system be visibly loose, have it repaired right away. Also, if possible, check to see if your gutters or downspouts became blocked during the storm. Any blockage could lead to more damage.

When gutters are damaged, this can lead to water not draining properly off your roof, which could lead to foundation problems later on. If rainwater is not moved away from the foundation, it can cause the foundation to sink or crack. So pay extra attention to the drainage of your gutters. Foundation repair isn’t cheap.

Look for Loose Electrical Lines

Even if your home did not lose power or had its power restored after a major storm, this does not mean the lines outside didn’t sustain damage. Electrical, phone, and other types of power lines connected to your home may not have become loosened during the storm.

If you look out your windows or go outside and notice lines that are sagging much more than normal, contact your utility provider immediately to get this fixed, since this presents a very dangerous hazard to your home and your life. Just remember to avoid downed powerlines as they present a very real threat to your life.

After a storm subsides, don’t procrastinate in checking these and other parts of your home for possible damage. By doing so, you can get the problems fixed quickly and ensure your house is once again safe and sound.

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