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  • 4 Ways to Tell If You Need to Replace Your Roof

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Part of being a homeowner, whether you are renting out or living in the home yourself, is constant maintenance. Roof is one area of the home that is often overlooked. Even though most modern roofs are incredibly durable, that area of your home has a finite lifespan. There will come a point when you need to replace your roof entirely, and catching the early warning signs of a failing roof could help you avoid some expensive problems down the road. Here are 4 ways to tell if you need to replace your roof.

Multiple Damaged Shingles

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to tell if you need a new roof is extensive signs of cracked shingles. A single curled or cracked shingle probably isn’t going to be a big problem to fix, but you need to be wary if you notice multiple damaged shingles. When multiple shingles are damaged or missing, it could be a clear sign that it is time to have your roof repaired or replaced. Luckily, roof replacement services can be extremely affordable, and your new roof could be installed within a matter of days. Keep an eye out for multiple damaged shingles so you can be aware of when your roof needs repairing.

Moisture or Water Damage in Your Attic

A faulty roof can cause moisture and water damage in your attic, but take the time to make sure the roof is the culprit. There are a few different reasons why moisture will collect in an attic, and some of those issues might not require a new roof. Improper attic ventilation is a very common problem that can result in serious water damage. If you have added a vent or fan to your attic and there is still moisture, then you might need to consider replacing the roof. That excess moisture will eventually make its way to the rest of your home and cause a tremendous amount of damage. So, if you find excessive moisture or water damage in your attic, consider calling a contractor to replace your roof.

Large Energy Bills

Your energy bills are naturally going to shift between the seasons, but you need to be wary of sudden leaps in your energy usage. When a roof becomes severely damaged, it will be very difficult for the HVAC system to keep the home at a consistent temperature. Many experts suggest that you keep copies of your energy bills for at least a year or two so that you can track any unusual changes between the years. In this way, you will be able to see if your energy bills have been increasing.

Sunlight Can Be Seen Through the Roof

At least once every few months, you need to head into the attic to visually inspect the inside of the roof. During the day, there shouldn’t be any sunlight coming through the roof. Pinholes and cracks that are letting in sunlight will also let in water, and that is going to increase your risk of a mold outbreak. Luckily, some smaller openings in the roof can easily be sealed as long as they are caught early on.

In addition to these few warning signs, you should also consider the age of your roof. If it is more than 20 years old, then it might be time to upgrade to an eye-catching new roof that perfectly blends form and function.

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