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  • The Benefits of a Wisdom Teeth Removal

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A person’s wisdom teeth are located at the back of their mouth on either side of their upper and lower jaws. They usually emerge during a person’s teenage years, being the last adult teeth to erupt from the gum line, which is why it’s very common to have them removed when you’re still in high school. While the teeth aren’t always bothersome or an active danger to the rest of your teeth, there’s still the chance that they can cause complications that only total removal can remedy. Thus, even if your wisdom teeth aren’t an active danger to your oral health, it’s often recommended to get them out anyway so they never have a chance of becoming a problem later on. If you choose to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may benefit in the following ways, especially if you are someone who was having their teeth damaged by the presence of your wisdom teeth.

Less Mouth Pain

Wisdom teeth can become painful as they begin to emerge, and this is especially true when the teeth become impacted and can’t grow all the way as they’re instead squished together. Intense pain may also be felt if the wisdom teeth are trying to grow in sideways and are being obstructed by the other teeth that are in the way. Additional pain may be felt if infections develop inside your mouth because of problems with your wisdom teeth, which is more and more likely the longer the problem is allowed to persist. The best way to treat or prevent any pain from your wisdom teeth is to have them removed before they have the chance to do any damage.

No More Teeth Crowding

As mentioned before, your wisdom teeth have a chance to cause the rest of your teeth to become impacted. This is because if your mouth doesn’t have enough room for your wisdom teeth to emerge correctly, your other teeth may become crowded. This crowding can cause some of your teeth to shift out of place and become crooked, which could negatively affect your bite. The teeth themselves may also become damaged from crowding. Wisdom teeth removal can give your mouth more space for your teeth to spread out so that they have enough room to function properly.

Fewer Cavity Risks

Like all your other teeth, wisdom teeth can develop cavities because of decay. Wisdom teeth are often especially prone to cavities since these teeth are located in the back of the mouth and are more difficult to reach with a toothbrush for cleaning. You won’t have to worry about getting cavities in your wisdom teeth if you have these teeth removed entirely with a routine dental surgical procedure.

Fewer Headaches

If you’ve been getting headaches more frequently, there’s a chance your wisdom teeth might be to blame. Pain that generates from wisdom teeth pushing onto other teeth can radiate to the head and cause headaches. Wisdom teeth can also affect your bite and the positioning of your jaw, which can also contribute to the onset of headaches. If you have your wisdom teeth removed, you may notice a substantial decrease in the number of headaches that you experience.

Having your wisdom teeth removed might prove to be a wise decision in the long run, as there’s always the possibility of your teeth settling into a position that requires corrective action later on. A qualified oral surgeon can tell you more about the benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed and answer any questions you have about the removal process or what you’re going to be dealing with as you heal.

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