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  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare: 10 Tips for Ensuring a Speedy Recovery

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Did you know that 5 million U.S. adults get their wisdom teeth removed every year? Wisdom teeth removal costs add up to about $3 billion each year.

Are you one of the millions of Americans getting your wisdom teeth removed this year? If you are you might be interested in knowing some wisdom tooth extraction aftercare.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can recover as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn some important tips.

1. Steps to Take Immediately After Surgery

Wisdom tooth extraction is a complex surgery and proper aftercare is vital to avoid complications from occurring. Gauze will be placed over the extraction area after surgery. This gauze should only be removed 30 minutes post-surgery.

Any activity after surgery should be minimal. This will help you heal faster so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible. When you arrive home, you should drink your prescribed medication and get some rest.

2. What to Do if You Bleed

A bit of bleeding after surgery is no cause for alarm. This is a normal reaction as your mouth heals from the surgery.

If you notice more bleeding than usual you can place a piece of gauze over the area and hold it there firmly for about half an hour. A moist tea bag can also help stop the bleeding if held on the wound for 30 minutes. It’s best to sit upright to help the bleeding stop as well.

If the bleeding continues you should contact your oral surgeon right away.

3. Tips to Help With Swelling

After wisdom tooth removal you’ll experience some swelling around your mouth and the sides of your face. You might even notice swelling in the area around your eyes.

The first three days after surgery are when you’ll see the most swelling and bruising. Use ice packs to help calm the swelling in your face.

Keep the ice pack on your face as much as you can throughout the day. Swelling doesn’t often but can continue past the third day post-surgery, continue to use ice packs if this occurs.

4. What You’ll Need for Pain

You can find relief to moderate levels of pain with over-the-counter drugs. Tylenol or ibuprofen can be taken every four hours or as indicated on the bottle.

Your surgeon will prescribe you more powerful pain medication if you start feeling severe pain. Take this medication as directed by your doctor.

Certain prescription medications can cause allergic reactions. If this occurs stop taking the medication immediately and contact your doctor.

5. Follow This Diet

Recovering from a wisdom tooth removal successfully requires following a specific diet. Fluids are vital to your recovery. Make sure you’re drinking as much water as you can.

Eat soft foods and chew using your front teeth. During the first few days, however, try to stick to liquid food like soup.

Make sure you’re getting nutritious meals every day. The better you nourish your body, the better and quicker you’ll heal.

6. Tips for Dealing With Nausea

Nausea is a common symptom after surgery. You might feel nausea from the anesthesia or it might be a side effect of your pain medication. If you do experience vomiting, try to wait an hour before taking any medication or eating any food.

Ginger ale or tea can help calm your upset stomach. Take slow slips for about 15 minutes. This should help your nausea pass, if it doesn’t you should contact your doctor for other recommendations.

7. Keeping Your Mouth Clean Is Vital

For wisdom tooth removal healing to occur successfully, you need to do everything you can to keep your mouth and the wound as clean as possible. You should brush and rinse your teeth the night of your surgery but do it as gently as you can.

The first day after your surgery is when you should start rinsing more often. Rinse your mouth out with a mix of warm water and salt throughout the day. You should rinse every time you eat as well.

8. How to Handle Discoloration

Discoloration in your mouth, around the wound, is common. You might notice blue, black, yellow, or green around your wound. This means there’s blood spreading underneath the tissues in your mouth.

You’ll likely notice discoloration the second or third day after surgery. Discoloration can take up to two weeks to heal. During this time you should avoid spending any time in the sun.

9. Antibiotic Tips

For quick and successful wisdom tooth removal recovery you’ll need to take your antibiotics as prescribed. Antibiotics are given to prevent you from developing an infection. There’s a risk of developing an infection with an open wound.

You might experience some side effects with antibiotics. Dizziness is common, so make sure you’re home when you take your antibiotics. Contact your doctor with any questions you might have.

10. How to Care for Your Stitches

Stitches are used to keep you from bleeding and to help your wound heal quicker after wisdom tooth surgery. Stitches can fall out on their own. If this occurs simply throw them out.

Any stitches that remain will be removed by your doctor a week after surgery when you go in for your post-op check-up. Now that you know all the aftercare tips you need for your surgery, you can set up your appointment.

What to Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

There’s a lot you should know about wisdom tooth extraction aftercare before you set up your appointment. The guide above lists important tips you’ll need to help relieve swelling and learn how to manage pain.

Did you find helpful information in this article? If you did, check out our other health-related blogs to learn more.

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