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  • What Are the Eligibility Conditions for Muslims to Perform Umrah?

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Umrah is a virtuous to perform but a non-compulsory Islamic obligation. Muslims are blessed and extremely lucky in that they have the opportunity to purify their souls at any time of year, whenever they want, and whenever their physical & financial conditions allow them to be guests in Allah SWT’s house. Every Muslim’s utmost dream is to visit the sacred Kabah, kiss the Black Stone, circumambulate the Black Stone, and recite the specific verses, which is only possible through Umrah if one misses the Hajj. Though Hajj is one of Islam’s 5 pillars and an obligatory ritual, if the intentions are pure and a Muslim performs Umrah with utter eternality, it can bring some positive changes as well. All you have to do is remain stirred and stable while praising the one and only Creator of the entire universe so that Allah SWT approves your Ibadah and long stay during rituals, strengthens your faith, and showers His blessings upon you.

Every task that must be completed has specific aspects that must be focused on first, and after fulfilling the criteria, one is able to complete the task. The same is true when it comes to Umrah eligibility. First and foremost, Muslims must meet all the necessary terms and conditions in order to perform this ritual afterward. As Muslims Holy Travel is always here to assist and facilitate its customers so that they do not face any difficulties and have a worry-free experience. So, here are some eligibility conditions for performing Umrah that every Muslim should know;

  • The first condition for performing Umrah is the ability to meet the entire voyage’s financial expenses. One must be able to afford the airfares that must be paid at various steps throughout this holy journey. It is not only the flight that you must pay for; after you are in the holy cities of Jeddah or Madinah, whatever you select, you will need extra money to travel around the cities, buy something for yourself, and also do some shopping for your loved ones when you return. So, remember every point where you need to loosen your pocket and then choose the perfect time to complete this sacred ritual according to your suitable time.

Another point covered in this section is whether it is necessary to perform Umrah with your own money. Then the answer is no! Definitely not. If someone wants you to undertake Umrah with money that he or she has given you, you should accept it without any hesitation. Allah Almighty said several times that you must accept the gift presented by someone, so what is the sticking point remaining in this matter? Muslims are allowed to perform this holy ritual with someone else’s gifted money because the gift is the source of growing the love between them and strengthening their relationship.

Make your plans, and if you have the remarkable opportunity to visit the holy Kabah, make the best arrangements as possible as you can and visit paradise in your life, on this earth.

We always consider our health fitness as a primary concern when planning a trip, and if any of our family members are suffering from any disease or disorder, we postpone our plans. If we forbid someone from going on long journeys and taking care of him/her, how can Allah SWT, who loves His creation 70 times more than a mother, leave His man alone in trouble? Allah SWT offers us instructions in every aspect of life, and Islam, as the religion of flexibility, encourages mankind to first take care of himself/herself before moving on to other matters.

  • The second condition is that those Muslims who wish to perform Umrah must be mentally and physically fit & healthy. Because weak, elderly, and feeble people find traveling enigmatic, so it is not compulsory for them to undertake Umrah. If you want to fulfill this obligation, you should be in good health.
  • If you are going on an Umrah tour, the third condition requires that you be free of debts and loans. However, if you are in debt to someone, your first priority should be to repay that debt, as Allah SWT commands. Allah SWT said that if a man dies, Allah SWT will forgive all of his sins except the debt he owed. So, first of all, pay off your debts, and then plan to perform this sacred ritual.
  • The fourth condition is to be with any Mahram (only for ladies). Ladies are not permitted to visit Allah’s house alone or in groups with other ladies, or without any Mahram with her. Ladies must be attended by their Mahram, or males with whom they have halal relationships. On the other hand, the Saudi government allows women over 45 to perform the Hajj or Umrah without a Mahram. Those women aren’t bound to accompany their Mahram, according to Saudi law.

In short, all of the conditions must be met; otherwise, the task will be impossible to complete. If you do not meet even one of the above-mentioned terms & conditions, you are considered ineligible. So if you want to perform Umrah with more convenience & comfort, then book now for the 4-star Umrah Package at an affordable price. You can avail of all the facilities according to your needs & preferences. Hence, with true intention & concentration, you will get lots of rewards & blessings from Allah Almighty.

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