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  • Handy Tips for Restoring a Historic Stone Home to Increase Resale

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  • Published Date: April 15, 2022
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Have you finally decided to part with your historic stone home? Most owners of vintage properties are extremely attached to the history of their houses, as they have created plenty of memories within the stone walls and adore each architectural feature.

While age contributes to the appeal of every historic house, there are certain aspects that require restoration, particularly before selling it. There are numerous Philadelphia area Stonemason professionals who are experts in stone home restorations.

The following tips will assist you in restoring such as house to increase resale value.

Avoid renovations that ruin its historic character

It’s no secret that time takes a huge toll on old houses. Hence, the attention of homeowners is continuously attracted by some restoration work. The moment you decide to put your beloved home on sale, you’ll most likely be tempted to do some remodeling or repair any issues that require immediate attention.

While making renovation plans, sellers aren’t supposed to forget that the architectural characteristics of their homes contribute to their uniqueness and historical value. Pay no attention to the latest must-have features portrayed on real estate TV shows and blogs. Make sure the historic features remain intact or restored to their original condition.

A stonemason can assist you in the process of repairing stonework by trying to preserve the original building material as much as possible. These professionals only replace severely damaged and crumbling stones. If the damaged portion of the stone is fairly small, only the deteriorated part is removed and replaced with a new piece.

Minor stone imperfections are usually left unrepaired, as they make historic homes more charming. Once your historic stone house is restored to its previous condition, its resale value will increase. Check out the tip things that determine a home’s value.

old stone house bungendore

Old Stone House Bungendore

Opt for modern updates only if necessary

There’s a thin line between home preservation and making indispensable improvements. As already discussed, sellers are recommended to retain the original features so as to preserve their historical value. Nevertheless, some of the old stuff that is no longer functional should be removed or replaced with new ones. While it’s reasonable to restore the original hardwood floor, there’s no logic in preserving the original heating and plumbing system.

The historic character of your stone home can be preserved even by making modern kitchen and bathroom upgrades. While potential buyers are appreciative of the charm of old houses, they also expect the kitchen to be updated with top-notch appliances made of stainless steel. The incorporation of modern amenities in an old stone home with a rich history can be challenging.

Nevertheless, sellers can go the extra mile by sourcing furniture pieces that suit the architectural style of their homes. There is a wide selection of restored and salvaged items offered by salvage companies. You might even come across restored antique appliances to incorporate into the kitchen.

It’s of the utmost importance to work with contractors who are experienced in the field of historic property preservation. These professionals should be knowledgeable in performing the necessary work without compromising the preservation of your house. Bear in mind that only homes whose restoration is performed by adhering to the right standards can increase their resale value.

old stone bricks house

Old Stone Bricks House

Consider protecting your house’s charm with an easement

The majority of homeowners tend to take part in their restoration projects, which makes it impossible to sell their beloved houses to just any homebuyer. Nevertheless, there’s a possibility to provide protection to the vintage characteristics of your restored home after the sale with the help of a historic preservation easement. See this link, https://www.britannica.com/topic/easement, for a legal definition of the term easement.

Moreover, such easements are permanently restricting future owners from making alterations to the property, provided they have an adverse impact on the historic character and integrity of the property. The property aspects that are subjected to the easement vary across sellers, as the person who creates the easement is in charge of determining these aspects.

While historic preservation easements are designed to protect the genuine character of vintage homes, they might reduce the value of such properties or complicate the process of sales. Therefore, sellers should be aware of the value-reducing consequence that comes with such easements.

Be equipped with all the facts

Every owner of a historic home with the intention to sell it should be armed with all the facts related to the history of the house. Potential buyers need to be informed about any alterations, additions, and renovations done to the property in the past. Sellers should have accurate information about all major projects performed on the house in terms of roof replacement, new HVAC installation, etc.

Furthermore, buyers are interested in discovering when different updates were made in order to predict the time when future updates will take place. Additionally, an increasing number of homebuyers are curious about the annual average utility costs, as most of their concerns are linked to the cooling and heating expenses imposed by drafty vintage homes.

Highlight the history of your home

The history of your old house plays a significant role in the resale value of the property, as some buyers are inquisitive when it comes to these details. The history of the house doesn’t commence from the period of renovations, but from the time it was built. Make sure to explore the history of your property by discovering who dwelled in it, who built it, and what its value to the community is.

Sellers should acquire the role of detectives and investigate around the house in search of antique items that might tell a story. Public property records are worth checking, as well as newspaper archives. Homebuyers would be pleased to see the original property deed or some old property photographs. Every seller should present historical research based on accurate facts, not opinions or stories.

A final note

Retain the charm and architectural beauty of your vintage house to boost its resale value!

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