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  • What Are The Best Technologies Available In The Market For Hair Transplant?

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Going bald or thinning up top isn’t something impressive at all. Don’t take your locks for granted. It can bring great turn off if gone. No matter how much you care for your hair, sometimes, you may experience unexpected hair loss. Hair loss will lead to a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be a prisoner of hair loss effects because a hair transplant can give your head a new lease on life. All you will have to do is visit the Beverly hill hair restoration center and get the safest surgery to restore your hair. The hair transplant cost is something you can afford to minimize the adverse effects of losing your lovely hair.

Don’t allow yourself to suffer low self-esteem emanating from hair loss when hair transplant cost is affordable. Make your decision today, and you will undergo a medical procedure that will leave your head something that appears like a full or, even better, at least fuller head of hair.

Before your final decision on a hair transplant, ensure to talk to your doctor. You will get to know what the process is all about during and after surgery. Besides, it’s vital to understand the hair transplant cost to make adequate plans. You may consider Beverly Hills hair restoration services, where you will get quality yet cost-friendly medical procedures.

The Technology used in Hair Transplant

PRP Treatment

prp therapy for hair loss

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Beverly Hills hair restoration center has several options of hair transplant you can pick from. You may go for a platelet-rich plasma method to help restore your hair. PRP is an effective solution to hair loss problems.

Do you seek hair loss treatment through PRP therapy? Your blood plasma will be used to stimulate cells. Blood has two primary components that include plasma and red blood cells. These break down into platelets and white blood cells. Your platelets are very rich when it comes to growth factors and acts as a messenger to your skin cells. You can go for PRP therapy for hair loss since that growth factor can kickstart your latent hair follicles, resulting in new hair growth. The hair transplant cost involved in this procedure is something you can afford.

Tropical Therapies

tropical therapies

Tropical Therapies

If you want to save hair transplant costs, you can go for this treatment. There is approved drug treatment that can help solve the challenge of hair loss. One of the standard drugs is minoxidil that is widely used.

Is it your first step towards hair loss treatment? Minoxidil based shampoos, as well as tropical, will be the best early treatment for hair loss and thinning. Using minoxidil solutions in proper ways can help to slow hair loss.

You will also get a finasteride drug from Beverly Hills restoration center to assist in curbing hair loss. It can be the best solution to the hair loss issue if you are a man. As a man, you have androgen hormone linked to reduced hair growth in follicles sensitive to hormones. So, this drug will curb testosterone from forming DHT.

Hair Cloning

hair cloning treatment

Hair Cloning Treatment

While it’s still in the test stages, it may be the right hair loss treatment solution. It helps to stimulate the dormant hair follicles and motivates them to regenerate. The procedure involves removing healthy hair follicles and growing them in the lab. Artificial skin may be used. When growth occurs, the hair is taken and recombined with your living skin cells, which form new active hair follicles. You can rest assured that the process yields great transplants with few extractions.

Light Therapy

light therapy for hair loss

Light Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair transplant cost doesn’t take your lifetime investment. You can go for at-home hair restoration. Some light devices are in the market and have been approved for use. Go to Beverly Hills hair restoration center, and you will get low quality level laser devices.

The hair loss treatment devices vary based on settings and power output. That will require you to commit to interval treatments. It can be a period of 90 seconds to 25 minutes of sessions daily. You may choose multiple times within a week on a minimum.

These therapies have been confirmed to have real results since they increase hair density. But if you are at such treatment, you won’t reduce its use when the aesthetic goal has been attained. You will remain to lose hair if you fail to administer the treatment regularly.

Hair Restoration procedures

hair restoration procedures

Hair Restoration Procedures

Do you have a more advanced hair loss challenge? Medical intervention will focus on transplanting hair follicles from parts where the hair is thicker. Then, such hair is transplanted in areas where your hair has become thicker. All you need is to visit well-known facilities like Beverly Hills hair restoration services provider.

Two hair restoration procedures exist and will depend on the one you prefer. You may go for follicular unit extraction or even follicular unit transplant. Both procedures use hair follicles removed from your back or sides of your head. Follicles may also come from your donor.

In the FUT procedure, your surgeon will use a scalpel to excise a strip of your hair from the back of the scalp. Then, that strip is implanted on your scalp using a needle. The method may leave you with a scar and takes longer to heal.

The FUE procedure involves removing each ear and transplanting in on the area with thin hair. This is the best, and you will heal faster.


A hair transplant can be a great savior if you feel bad due to hair loss. Visit Beverly Hills hair restoration center and get the best services. Besides, their hair transplant cost is friendlier. Loss of hair doesn’t have to kill your esteem and confidence when there are solutions.

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