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If you notice your hair is thinning or falling off, the first thing to do is to try to restore it. There are several topical solutions to hair loss. However, not all are successful due to the reason for hair loss. Thus, you may find yourself seeking treatment at FUE hair transplant Los Angeles. But if that is far from your hood, you can get similar services at hair transplants Beverly Hills clinics.

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

There are two standard methods of hair transplant- FUE and FUT transplant. Let us focus on the FUT transplant. It is the hair transplant where you harvest a strip of hair from the back of your scalp. Then, subdivide the strip into grafts of one to two follicles.

When subdividing the strip, the doctor must dip the grafts in a preserving solution. It helps to keep the follicles alive and ready for transplant. The doctor uses the help of an assistant to subdivide the grafts. In the meantime, he or she will prepare the recipient site by making incisions with a needle. Later, he plants the grafts of the prepared section.

The Process of Hair Transplant

The process of FUT transplant starts with a consultation. Call FUE hair transplant Los Angeles and book your appointment with the doctor. Once you get there, ask all the necessary questions. Also, provide all your health information. If possible, present your health records to your doctor.

It may seem unnecessary, but it is vital. Your health records show whether you are eligible for a hair transplant. Also, the doctor will suggest a transplant method depending on the health reports. If they notice you are a high-risk patient, they will offer another suitable hair restoration method.

The doctor will outline the affected area and proceed with the transplant process. After that, you will get some tips to use during the healing process. If the hair loss was severe, they could suggest a PRP therapy to revive the dormant follicles and speed up the healing process.

The Top 5 Reasons People Love FUT Treatment

  1. The hair will regrow naturally. The reason is that they use real hair follicles as grafts. The method of transplant is set at an angle similar to the naturally existing hair. That helps in making the hair grow in the same direction.
  2. You donate hair from your scalp. Hence, there is no mixture in hair color. Also, you cut off the chances of cross infections, which is the greatest fear in any transplant. Since you are the donor, it reduces the cost of operation. It also gives you peace of mind since you don’t owe anyone.
  3. The FUT transplant is cheaper than an FUE transplant. Thus. It provides a broader population a chance to have a hair transplant. It would be wrong if you fail to get treatment due to the cost. The reason why the method is cheap is that it is easier to harvest hair. The doctor does not strain. Thus, they charge it lower than the strenuous FUE. The price difference is not huge, But many people prefer to save a few coins since they pay it from their pockets.
  4. The recovery time of FUT treatment is short. It does not scare potential clients away. The only place that delays healing is the area that the hair was harvested. It can take two to four weeks to heal completely.
  5. The side effects of the transplant are short term. In most cases, they disappear within the first week. Also, they are mild, and they cannot hinder you from running your everyday activities.

Alternative Treatments

The most suitable alternative for FUT transplant is the sister method- the FUE transplant. There are so many similarities between the two processes. The only difference is the graft harvesting method.

In the FUE process, the doctor uses a robotic machine or a handheld device to harvest individual grafts from the scalp. The other processes are similar to what you have learned about FUT treatment.

The extra pros of the FUE hair transplant are the absence of a visible scar from the scalp. Also, the recovery rate is very high. There’s a reduced chance of infections and risks. But unfortunately, the process takes longer to complete.

The second alternative method is PRP therapy. The treatment involves an injection of plasma-rich platelets to the scalp.

Risks Involved

There are a few risks involved with the FUT transplant. First, the open wound that is left after the strip harvesting is prone to infections. Thus, you should select your clinic well to avoid cases of infections.

If your skin is prone to keloids, you should avoid surgeries at all costs. It would be unfortunate to develop keloids when you had no idea how your skin reacts to cuts.

Another risk factor is severe bleeding. The inability of the blood can cause it to clot. You can have a blood assessment before the treatment to check if your blood clots properly. If not, you will be given some remedies.


It’s exciting to know that hair transplant Beverly Hills has a solution for your hair loss. However, you need to make some effort to prevent further hair loss. You will get tips from FUE hair transplant Los Angeles on ways to maintain a healthy hair care routine.

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