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  • 10 Popular Hair Loss Remedies for Hair Restoration

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The world offers a wide range of hair restoration remedies. You can get some solutions at Hair transplants Los Angeles, while others you can get at your nearest pharmacy. Also, there are a few that you can formulate at home, But you will need discipline and patience to see results. Among the many remedies you can find, the methods below will top the list.

Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant has gained popularity since its inception in 1954. It is a permanent remedy for people suffering from different kinds of alopecia, hair thinning, and other causes of gradual or sudden hair loss. It is usually an expensive process since you need to foot the bill from your pocket. Insurance companies classify it as cosmetic surgery. Hence, it is not among the medical services they cover.

The results are excellent, natural, and permanent. But, you will need to observe a proper hair care routine to stop hair loss. There is a risk when hair loss continues since it will leave patches of transplanted hair.

PRP Hair Therapy

prp therapy

PRP Therapy

The other method involves resuscitating the dying and dormant hair follicles. A healthy follicle will produce thick and healthy hair. When the strands lack enough nutrients or undergo strain, it undergoes stress and eventually becomes dormant. It is possible to revive dormant follicles using platelet-rich plasma therapy.

The PRP therapy contains some healthy proteins and nutrients that the hair roots find easy to take up. Also, it promotes the circulation of oxygen and the absorption of nutrients. When you have about three doses of PRP therapy, you will witness the increased health of your hair.

Hair Loss Treatment Foam

Here are several topical hair solutions in the market. One of them is hair loss treatment foams. In this category, the Rogaine hair loss Minoxidil 5% tops the list. The foam is easy to use. All you need is to apply it to your scalp twice a day. You should use it consistently for three months to witness positive results.

Please avoid 2% minoxidil as it does not yield results. Also, be consistent when you start until you finish a three-month treatment. The pros of Rogaine foam is that it contains some organic extracts that improve your scalp’s health.

Prescription Drugs

Hair clinics such as hair transplant Los Angeles clinic will stock prescription drugs for anyone who cannot afford a hair transplant. These treatments are also administered to people who have no severe hair loss.

Finasteride tablets are the most popular and most effective hair loss treatment tablets. However, they are only administered to men due to the severe side effects that they can cause to women. You can only get them through prescription, and you must complete your 90-day dose.

Laser Treatment

You have probably used a laser as a hair removal method, But you can also use it as a hair restoration method. What you need is low-level laser therapy to reduce inflammation of the hair follicles. The treatment allows the strands to regain their health status and produce healthy hair. It also boosts the circulation of nutrients and oxygen. But there are no scientific findings despite successful therapies with several patients.

Essential Oils

Have you used essential oil to cool your nerves? They have the magic for that. Essential oils also do the same to your scalp and hair roots.

For many years, people have used rosemary oil to boost blood circulation on the scalp. The increased circulation supplies oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots. It results in the growth of healthy hair. This belief attracted scientists, and in 2013 they did a study. They found that rosemary leaf extract promotes hair growth in mice.

You can use other essential oils, such as black castor oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, saw palmetto, etc.


The easiest hair loss remedy is in shampoos. There are plenty of shampoos with hair regrowth extracts. They are easy to use since you apply them as ordinary shampoos.

You need to check the ingredients that promote hair growth. For instance, you will find shampoos with keratin. They are an excellent remedy since keratin is vital in hair growth. Also, some shampoos have ingredients that heal the scalp, such as saw palmetto and essential oils.

When buying shampoo, you need to examine the cause of your hair loss. If you cannot identify the problem yourself, you can seek help at Hair transplants Los Angeles. They will recommend the best shampoo for your hair problem.

Healthy Haircare Routine

This might be the slowest but the best hair restoration method. A healthy hair care routine increases the health of your scalp. With consistency and patience, you will witness increased hair volume and health.

You can create a healthy hair routine once you identify the cause of your hair loss. If you have dandruff, then you should include products that reduce dandruff. It would also help if you kept your scalp clean as hair grows well on a clean and healthy scalp. Thus, your shampoos should deep clean your scalp and hair. Remember to use the deep treatment after you deep clean your hair and scalp.

Lifestyle Change and Balanced Diet

What you eat affects the hair your scalp produces. Ensure you take a healthy diet. Also, eat iron-rich foods and foods rich in Omega 3. Again, live a stress-free life. Then quit smoking, do regular exercise, and scalp massage.


You can get hair loss remedies at Hair Transplants Los Angeles. The best thing is that they can recommend several hair loss remedies besides the transplant. Also, you can research various hair loss remedies available.

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