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Flow meters are used to estimate the discharge of liquids. These meters measure liquids, gases, or steam flowing through a channel. There are many types of flow meters. Each meter works differently but with the same goal of finding the flow rate.

Flow meters are used in different applications to find volumetric and mass flow rates. The type of meter needed depends on the specific application. There are different types of flow measuring devices. Always make sure to use these meters for the right applications.

Different Types of Industrial Measuring Equipment

Coriolis Flow Meters

Coriolis meters are the most popular flow meters. They are the most accurate and reliable meters that are available today. These meters are fit for any application that needs high accuracy. Coriolis flowmeters are therefore used in custody transfer because of their high accuracy. They are easy to maintain and install. When looking for a flow measuring device, always consider Coriolis flow meters.

Differential Pressure meters

These are the oldest meters in industrial measuring but are still used today. The meter works by blocking the flow of fluids in a pipe. They then make a gap in the stable pressure in the up and downstream parts of the instrument.

Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Paddlewheel sensors are cheap and popular in industrial measurement. These meters are used to determine the flow rate of water-like fluids. Most paddlewheel sensors are sold with insertion or flow fittings. And they are one of the cheapest meters available in the market.

Also, they need ten pipe lengths of straight pipes on the inlets and pipe diameters on the outlets. The paddlewheel sensor has a rotor that is fixed perpendicular to the flow rate. Always go for these meters if you want high accuracy measurements and cost-effective. You will not get disappointed.

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flowmeters do not have moving components and are used in wastewater and dirty liquids that conduct electricity. They have displays that are used for data logging or remote control. These flow meters are accurate and apply Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. The law states that the faster the fluid flow, the more energy is produced. The energy produced is directly linked to the water movement. Magnetic meters are not fit for clean water because there are no atoms to count.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

These meters are used to measure dirty fluids such as wastewater and slurries. The dirty usually damage other meters such as conventional. Ultrasonic sensors operate by using soundwaves to find the speed of liquid flowing through the pipe. When the fluids flow fast, the speed increases as well in a linear motion, and the transmitter will send the signal to the transmitted waves to find the flow rate.

Turbine Meters

Turbine flow meters measure clean fluids. They are also used for custody transferer applications in petroleum and chemical applications. Turbine flow meters measure the volume of the flow. Unlike vortex, these meters can measure low flow rates and fluids that have high viscosity. They also give high-accuracy measurements.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex meters are among the best flow meters to measure gases and low viscosity fluids. They also measure direct output fluids such as gases, standard volume, standard liquid volume, and mass flow. Vortex flow meters have given reliable measurements for many years because they can adapt in saturation steam, oil, and gas applications.

Selection of Industrial Flow Measurement Instruments

The Type of Flow Media

Choosing a flow meter starts with understanding the process media fluid. Make sure to understand whether it is liquids, steam, and gases. A flow meter for clean water is not fit for dirty or thick fluids. That is why you should understand the type of fluid.

Not all flow instruments are fit for dirty, thick, high density or medicine applications. Also, make sure to consider some additional factors such as the conductivity of the liquid and the presence of bubbles in it. The chemical properties of the fluid are essential as well. Liquids that may corrode the meter will need unique calibration to avoid wear, which damages the device. If you do not consider these things, you may incur many unnecessary costs.

Flow Range

Flow range and the tube’s diameter are essential factors that you should consider when choosing a flow meter. Ask yourself whether or not the flow is continuous or variable. Some industries may have continuous flow depending on what the buyer wants. Always make sure to use the meter that meets the needs of all flow measurements over the industry. Also, it will help to make buying, installing, training, and maintaining the meter easy.

The Accuracy Level of the Meter

Accuracy is essential in flow measurement. Always understand how accurate you want your measurement to be. Coriolis flowmeters are the most accurate and measure plus or minus 0.01 percent of the full scale. Accuracy levels depend on the type of application as well. If you determine flow rates in industries such as medicine or food and beverages, high accuracy is needed.

Maintenance of the Meter

When selecting a flow measurement device, ask the seller about the needed maintenance. Also, before buying it, make sure you understand how often you will need to inspect and clean the meter. Some meters, such as orifice plate, need to replace the moving parts because they may wear out. Maintaining your meters is crucial because it will help you reduce high costs.


Flow meters are essential inflow measurements. They help you to control and determine the flow rates of fluids. You should maintain this equipment for high accuracy. Also, make sure to research the best meters and use them for your application.

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