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  • Working Principle of Vortex Flow Meter and its Applications

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A vortex flow meter is a device that weighs the rates of the flowing liquids. The introduction of a moving part creates the problem. They are used in industries to measure the flow of fluids. These flowmeters have an operation in which they use the principle of vortex shedding.

Working Principle

vortex flow meter working principle

Vortex Flow Meter Working Principle

The vortex shedding principle states that vortexes’ oscillation occurs when the fluid passes through the streamlined body’s bluff. The shedding of the vortices depends on the shapes and size of the body. Von Karman first discovered the principle.

Vertex Formation

Vortex flow has a flow tube that has a bluff body within the box. The body acts as destruction preventing the flow. In the bluff body, a mechanical sensor whose main work is to register the flow liquids’ pressure differences. If there is no flow in the liquid, the vertices cannot form. When the fluid flows and reaches a specific rate, the vertices are in the bluff body. The vertices can then be detached from the bluff body and get swiped off by the moving liquids. The volume of the flow, therefore, appears to be the distance between the two consecutive vertices. The vertices that pass with the fluids make the flow calculation rates.

Types of vortex flow meters

The vortex flow appears in different forms in the market. Some of the commonly used once are:

  • Foxboro 83s.

It is a perfect and universal flow meter, which is widely used in many processes.

  • Hendress+ Hauser flow meters.

It is a more advanced ed flow meter with many different features associated with it.

  • Yokogawa digital.

The flow meter has a reduced maintenance cost within its operations, with more features in it.


The flow meters are among the other versatile meters. They measure the steam’s gases and liquids with ease. They can measure a variety of fluid products. The measure measures the volume flow. Certain features are added to it to measure the mass flow pressure transmitters and the temperature sensors.

Vortex flow meters have a wide range. It makes them perfect in weighing out the steam’s measurements. Vortex flowmeter, due to their content, they can measure the steam flow in different velocities. Most of the steam in these power and plant industries count the streams flowing from the boilers.

Vortex flow meters are so famous for their general uses in industries as well as companies. They carry out some specific applications such as they measure the steam in the plant and power generations. They can tolerate high pressures and temperatures, unlike the other flow meters. It makes them complete in usage and is highly referred to in most industries. Other flow meters, such as magnetic and ultrasound, are not viable.

There is the existence of more advanced vortex flow meters with a wide range of features. In most cases, the features of the vortex flow meters are used in the healing processes. The results given the help of the meters are accurate due to their sensors in both pressures. It is the most reliable form of flow meter best in most industries and companies. Suppliers prefer them over the others.

Vortex flow meters are available in insertions, wafers, and flanged styles. Most of the styles differ in the mode and ways of production and functioning. Wafers are the inline styles. The classes have complete accuracy, but they are not practical in large sizes and lines. To choose the vortex flows, they will have to make multiple options in their choices. Some of these include: Identifying the needed accuracy, fluid type, the line size, and the supplier.

The flanges sizes are a bit more expensive than the wafers. They are durable enough and do not provide any signs of leakages. Wafers, on the other side, expand, causing some leakages in them. They have viable options to the customers who want to measure vast quantities in their flow measurements. It makes most people opt for the flanges, which are significant and long-lasting.

Pros and cons


  • They are perfect in the gas, steam applications.
  • They give long-term accuracy as compared to other flow meters.
  • They are reliable enough and available in different temperature ranges.
  • They have a low cost of installation, and their rates of maintenance are affordable.


  • Vortex flowmeters have low flu rates with low velocity; some need to be in control during their operations. They have to be in review for the best results.
  • Some of the vortex flowmeters have a short and small port used in the vortices’ measurements. It can plug in some leading c causing low functioning of the glow meters.


Measuring liquid flows is an essential aspect of every industry. Most of the vortex flow meters may not provide the best results in these liquids’ weighing rates. The flow meters offer the best in both the liquid and gas companies. They give the best products which suit the suppliers’ needs.

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