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  • 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Lawsuit for Lemon Law Violations in Nevada

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Purchasing a car can be tricky; in many instances, dealers and manufacturers rip off customers and sell them damaged cars or lemons. A car is described as a lemon when it has many faults that may impact the safety, utility, or value of the car. Different states have lemon laws in place; these laws protect customers from buying faulty vehicles. Other than protection, the lemon laws allow the owner of such a vehicle to get refunds or reimbursements from the manufacturer.

It is recommended that people filing claims under the Nevada lemon laws hire a firm or a professional to help them. This is because going up against a company can be tricky for an individual. Other than this, these laws can be hard to understand as they differ for each state.

Filing a lawsuit can be complicated but we have penned down a list of common mistakes that you can avoid when filing a lawsuit for a lemon car in Nevada.

1. Being Unaware of Your Rights

Each individual needs to know and understand their legal rights before filing a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed without a proper understanding of the law, the manufacturing company can actually trick the individual and win the case easily. This is why it is recommended to hire an attorney and understand everything in detail before pursuing a lawsuit.

2. Bashing the Manufacturer Online

We often resort to social media when we are angry, we look for ways to express our anger and vent out, but this is not a good move when you are about to file a lawsuit. The company can actually use your social media posts and outbursts against you and create complications in your case. These can lead to defamation charges and other issues that may cause you to lose the lawsuit.

3. Not Having Proper Documentation

It is critical to have all your documents regarding the repairs and purchase of the vehicle as these will hold up in court as evidence; if you do not have the required documents and have argued with the manufacturer, there is a chance that they may alter your records. Therefore, it is important to get your required documentation before filing the lawsuit.

4. Not Getting Your Car Repaired

If you decide not to get your car repaired it can cause serious damage to you as the manufacturer can claim that you misused the vehicle, which caused it not to work properly.

5. Selling the Vehicle

A common mistake many frustrated individuals make is to sell or trade the car before the case has been resolved. This can work in the manufacturer’s favor as they can claim that the new owner has damaged the car beyond repair. It is always best to wait before deciding to sell or trade the car until a solution or decision has been reached.

6. Not Responding to Your Attorney

It is essential always to get back to your attorney as soon as you can. If you fail to do this, the lawsuit can go sideways and work in the manufacturer’s favor. It is also important to be honest with your attorney and disclose all information related to the vehicle.

These are a few mistakes that can turn your case against you and increase your chances of losing the claim. The Nevada Lemon Laws can work in your favor if you have a good attorney by your side.

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