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  • What Makes Mini LED Light Bars So Useful And Popular?

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Because of the minimal power consumption and the inexpensive nature of their construction, mini LED warning lights finds its multiple uses. With a small lens diameter of around 50 – 60 mm, it is quite common to find these lights.

For a steady light as well as flashing lights is what they provide. On the surface or on top of a pole they are mounted for maximum visibility. Including yellow, green, red, blue and sometimes even gray is what you can choose from the varying colors.

Especially when there has been an accident and help has to reach very quickly, LED warning lights are used by an emergency vehicle which needs to move very fast. It is a part of the state laws that one should pull over or lower their speeds in order to let such vehicles pass by as a matter of fact.

When there is a construction happening on a road or there has been oil or fluid spillage on a highway, a similar use of this warning light is seen.

The uses of Mini LED light bars

For the greater effect, the mini LED light bars are used by an emergency vehicle. For the speed with which they can be assembled together or interlocked, these lights are very popular.

As a flashing signal which you can use while being stranded on a highway, that also favors one of their uses. So that they can pull over and help, it would help in attracting the attention of those who are passing by.

One of the most important functions of LED warning lights is enhancing the visibility of the roads. These warning signals can be really handy in attracting the attention of drivers whether it is a railroad crossings, construction barriers on the road, bridges, stop signs, railway crossings or even caution sign.

By solar energy or by battery the LED lights could be powered through them. A good example being the barricade lights which are powered by solar energy, some flashing lights are made to operate round the clock.

In almost all kinds of emergency response vehicles, smaller bars, or mini-lights bars are very versatile and can be used. On the dashboards, side panels and also backs of the vehicles, they can be mounted on the roofs of the vehicles.

They have the advantage of portability as these mini bars are very light in weight. When there is a need to lighten up dark places and provide additional lighting sources, they can easily be carried along.

From the car batteries as they are long-lasting they can be easily recharged so to the patrolling cars they are the perfect accompaniment.

Their variants

As most colors are red, blue, orange and yellow, LED bar lights are available in many different colors. Red mini bar lights around the trucks are used and the fire trucks use the amber lights extensively.

To demand the right of way under high traffic conditions, towing trucks, construction vehicles, snow removal vehicles, parking meter checking vehicles and other service vehicles uses these lights.

The light bars are almost always mounted on the roof of the vehicles as the red and blue lights are exclusive to cop cars. Handheld bars can be concealed within the vehicle in case of unmarked cop cars as they are usually smaller in size.

For those who may not be using lights on the outside of the vehicle, mini light bars can be a substitute for an emergency LED light bar. To just put onto the dashboard inside the vehicle whenever it is necessary they are small enough.

These smaller lights can be taken advantage of to use once they have left the crime scene but are not yet ready to pursue a suspect openly even for a marked police car who wants to maintain a small profile.

It will, therefore, take less away from the vehicle’s battery as smaller lights also consume lesser power. When it is required the most, this reduces the chances of the vehicle running out of power.

How do they help in emergency situations?

In a variety of color schemes in order to fit the particular emergency situation, mini LED light bars are available. For those occasions when it may be necessary to have a road crew for emergencies such as wires down or branches down on the road you can find these smaller lights in amber.

As it is important to maintain those color schemes and thus avoid confusion during those critical times when calm is essential, most people tend to equate color with certain occupations.

To make people wonder if they are looking at a construction or road truck instead of a police fire truck or ambulance, there is no need.

Under many circumstances including emergency road maintenance, traffic control, and efficient alert systems under emergencies on roads, LED bar light with traffic advisers and blink patterns are used.

Traffic advisers usually can be fixed to the vehicles on the rooftop as they are not easily portable. Mini light bars with multiple inbuilt flash patterns are ideal for portable options.

Since they are not allowed a fully-fledged bar that can be mounted on top of the vehicles at all times, they are also good for volunteer vehicles to carry around in case of emergency. Buying from the dealers with a license to sell the emergency equipment is important there are many dealers who specialize in these emergency light bars.

Not the least of which is to maintain a lower profile, there are many reasons an emergency vehicle may use mini LED light bars.

There are certainly instances where an ambulance or another type of emergency vehicle might find it easier to use mini lights rather than full-sized brilliantly lit ones while this is more in line with a police vehicle.

For the fire police and undercover police officers who do not want to use their lights except when it is necessary, it is easier for those who may not always have the need for lights.

It will depend on the vehicle itself with the size of the LED light bar which you need to choose for your vehicle. For your particular car, it goes without saying that you will require a bar which is proportionate and appropriate as the aesthetics is a factor which is important to you.

Meaning that larger bars will provide brighter lights and the larger light bars means it will have more bulbs in it. The initial range of the bars is 4 inches to 50 inches.

The size of the budget should also be considered along with the size of the vehicle. Larger the light is more money it will be costing.

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