auto mechanic is checking the semi trucks fuel tank
  • Drive a Truck? Don’t Forget These Vital Tools of the Trade

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Featured Image Caption: Auto Mechanic is Checking the Semi Trucks Fuel Tank

Being a trucker is not just about driving a big rig across the country. It requires a great deal of skill, experience, and the patience. As a trucker, you need to have the right set of tools and equipment to keep your vehicle in top condition, and yourself safe and comfortable on the road. In this blog post, we will discuss some vital and secret tools of the trade that you should have as a trucker.


A multitool is a must-have for every trucker. This handy device includes a variety of tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, blades, and wire cutters, which can help you fix a variety of small issues that may occur while on the road. Whether you need to tighten a loose bolt, cut a wire, or open a can of food, a multitool has got you covered. It’s a compact tool that can easily fit in your pocket or tool kit.

Portable Air Compressor

A portable air compressor is another essential tool for truckers. Flat tires are a common problem that you’ll face on the road, and having a portable air compressor can save you from being stranded on the side of the road. With this tool, you can easily inflate your tires and get back on the road in no time. You can also use it to inflate other things such as air mattresses, pool toys, and more.

Reflective Vest

As a trucker, you need to stay safe and visible while on the road. A reflective vest is an essential tool that can help you stay visible in low-light conditions. Whether you need to step out of your truck to check your load or make a repair, a reflective vest can prevent accidents and keep you safe from other drivers on the road.

OBD2 Scanner

The OBD2 scanner is a diagnostic tool that plugs into the computer system of your truck. It can read and analyze the various warning lights that indicate problems with your engine. The scanner provides a detailed report of what’s wrong, allowing you or your mechanic to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. If used correctly, this tool can save you time and money by preventing small problems from turning into major issues.

Necessary Permits and Licenses

In addition to the tools mentioned, having all the necessary permits and licenses is also a must for every trucker. Depending on where you’re driving, you may need special permits such as trip permits, Overweight Permits, or IFTA stickers. You may also need to have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and other safety certifications in order to operate a commercial vehicle legally. Having all these documents in order is essential for a trucker to stay on the right side of the law.

Heavy-Duty Grease Gun

A heavy-duty grease gun is an essential tool for keeping your truck’s moving parts lubricated and running smoothly. It’s able to handle the high-pressure requirements of heavy equipment, such as trucks, trailers, and buses. This tool is particularly useful for truckers who drive in harsh conditions, such as snow, mud, and rain.

Dash Cam

A dash cam is a useful tool that can help you keep track of your surroundings while driving. It can also provide evidence in case of an accident or theft. In addition, a dash cam can help you improve your driving skills by analyzing your driving behavior. With a dash cam, you can ensure the safety of yourself and your cargo.

LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight is a handy tool that every trucker should have. It can help you navigate in low light conditions, find lost items, and inspect the engine compartment of your truck. LED flashlights are durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. You can also use it to signal other drivers in case of an emergency.

Electric Pressure Washer

As a trucker, you know how quickly dirt, grease, and grime can accumulate on your rig. An electric pressure washer is an effective tool for cleaning your truck’s exterior, including tires, rims, and undercarriage. The powerful stream of water can remove even the toughest dirt and grime, giving your truck a fresh, clean look.

Solar Trickle Charger

If you’re on the road for an extended period, your truck’s battery could potentially run out of juice. A solar trickle charger is a small device that uses solar energy to keep your battery charged. It’s easy to install and can save you the hassle and expense of jump-starting your rig.

Cargo Bars

Cargo bars are an essential tool for securing your cargo in place during transit. They come in various sizes and models to accommodate different types of loads. They’re easy to install and remove and can prevent your load from shifting during transport.

Truckers, just like any other profession, require the right tools to get the job done right. The tools discussed above are vital and secret tools of the trade for every trucker. With these tools, you can ensure your safety and comfort on the road, as well as keep your truck in top condition. By investing in these tools, you will be able to tackle any problem that comes your way and make your job as a trucker easier and more efficient.

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