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  • Wiring a New Building? 4 Tools You Need to Have on Hand

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Electricians and workers depend on various tools for resiliency accuracy, craftsmanship, comfort, and safety. In addition, the workers and electricians keep our house illuminated and connected; therefore, they must have the necessary tools for work. Some of these tools include:


Electricians often use pliers when working with electricity to make electrical connections. Pliers have special cutters that make it easier for them to cut the wires to length while stripping away the outer coating of the wires. Once the protective coating is removed, the wire can be connected and crimped appropriately using the pliers. In addition, there are electrical wires coated with rubber on the handles to protect the electricians from electric shock. These handles must always be kept clean and grease-free. The electrician should also keep them away from any electrically conductive material that transfers the electricity from your pliers to an operator. If the protective pliers have any nicks and rips, replacement and repairs are important.


Screwdrivers are used in driving screws in any material. The screwdriver is turned at the screw head until the screw reaches its end. Screwdrivers are usually insulated to help protect against shock, and sometimes, the shaft may be insulted. Tips of a screwdriver may vary based on the type of screw he is driving, therefore in most cases, electricians carry a set of screwdrivers instead of one, especially when they do not know the kind of wiring in the building. The screwdriver’s tip is often magnetized to ease the process of lining up the tip of the screwdriver with the screw’s head.

Electric Benders for Rigid Conduit

Whether you are wiring a residential or commercial property, you will need electric benders for rigid conduit. Electric benders are beneficial when working large jobs that may become tedious and need heavily manual processes impacting bending uniformity. If the electrician requires higher production bending, they should opt for electrical benders to find in various sizes and models. Therefore, rigid conduits should never be a problem when wiring a new building as long you have an electrical bender. This is the best way to approach something like this.

Tape Measure

When doing wiring, it is important to know the precise measurements as you cut and strip. Most electricians use a tape measure for this job. A tape measure can also be used to measure switch and power point heights and, in other cases, to measure electrical equipment like plasma TVs being mounted on a wall. There is no limit to the number of ways that tape measure can be used during house wiring. Still, since many people love and appreciate accuracy when fixtures and outlets are fixed, tape measures are indeed useful.

Building wiring requires expertise attention. For the safety of the experts and building owners, it is always important to use the right tools for a job. Some of the most important tools needed when wiring a building include a screwdriver, electric drill, tape measure, and pliers.

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