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If you have any electrical fault in your residential or commercial setting, then you can hire an electrician for the same, and you will find many electricians online. However, it is better to choose a local electrician because you can call him anytime, especially during an emergency. But, before you choose an electrician, you must check his certifications, license, insurance, and reviews. Apart from this, you must also check their tools and equipment. Electricians require a special set of tools and every authorized electrician must carry those tools in his tool belt while going for any electrical repair work.

So, let us know what those tools are that every electrician is supposed to carry with him.

5 Tools That Every Electrician Should Carry:

Every electrician should have a minimum of five sets of tools, and you can check if he has these tools or not before you hire him.

1. Flashlight:

As an electrician, he must have a powerful flashlight. Electricians are sometimes required to work in dark areas, and most of the electrical components including outlets, sockets, wire boxes, conduits, and pipes are always dark on the inside. Even if the working site has abundant light, the electrician should carry his torch or flashlight to work inside. He must carry a lightweight flashlight for the same.

2. Voltmeter:

You will find every electrician carrying a voltmeter. They use voltmeters to measure the electrical potential difference between two points in an electrical circuit. It is a wrong assumption that working on a specific electrical device is safe because there is no flow of electricity available, and before you repair an electrical system, you need to test the circuits with a voltmeter. Safety is the main concern while doing electrical repairing and all electricians should maintain the required safety measurements.

3. Wire Stripper:

For electrical repairs, you need to use a wire stripper. It is a small hand-held tool designed like scissors. You can use this stripper to cut the unbound insulation surrounding the wire without cutting the actual copper wires. You need to remove the insulation of such wires to connect them with the switches, conductors, and circuits. So, you must check whether your electrician has this tool or not.

4. Pliers:

Pliers are also an important piece of equipment that every electrician should have, and professional electricians use pliers for tightening and losing the wires. Sometimes, you need to cut the wires and pull them from the locations and twist them to fix them in a restricted area. Pliers are the multi-purpose tool for electrical repairs and your electrician should carry this tool while repairing your electrical system.

5. Fish Tape:

Apart from this, your electrician should carry a draw tape, which is also known as fish tape. The electrician can use this tape to route the guide string for a new wiring installation, and he can use this tape to install wires through pipes, walls, and electrical conduit. Draw tape is a long band made of medium-carbon steel and it can conform to the curvatures of different conduits. You can push a draw tape to measure the length of a conduit and then you can cut the wires according to this measurement.

Apart from the above-mentioned tools, an electrician can carry lots of other tools like screwdrivers, screws, tester, earthing checker, and many more. So, you must check the available tools that your electrician has and then choose the best one who can solve your electrical problems within a short time-span. Without such tools, an electrician will take more time to repair your electrical system and they might damage your electrical components also.

electrical tools and equipment

Electrical Tools and Equipment

Checklist For Hiring An Electrician:

  • Check their license and insurance, and always choose an electrician who has a full electrician’s license.
  • Read the reviews from their website before you choose an electrician.
  • Ask for quotes from different electricians and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.
  • Check their experience level and choose an electrician who offers a warranty on their services.

So now you can search for such electricians online and choose the best one for your home electrician system.

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