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  • 5 Tell-Tale Signs Your House Needs To Be Rewired

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New homes often have no electrical wiring problems. However, older houses can have aging electrical components that pose a problem and can be a significant safety hazard to the occupants of the home. Older homes may contain electrical wiring that is not up to current standards. Sometimes the issues in these older homes can persist and the only viable long-term solution is rewiring of the entire home in order to rectify these issues and keep everyone safe.

The latest data shows that electrical problems are the leading cause of house fires across Australia. They account for around 40% of all residential fires in Australia. It is therefore essential to be aware of the importance of maintaining good electrical wiring.

Home wiring can be damaged by wear and tear, which could lead to a need for repairs or replacement. These are signs that your home may need to be rewired. These signs will help you determine if your home needs to be rewired.

1. The switchboard is constantly tripping

Circuit breakers are essentially resettable fuses that cut off an electrical circuit when it exceeds the safety limit. The central circuit breaker panel, or switchboard, controls all electrical wiring in a home. They are usually kept in a cabinet or basement, or in the laundry.

The typical central panel has around 12 circuit breaker switches. These switches connect to various circuits in your home. If a breaker trips frequently, it could be a sign of a serious problem.

As your electrical system ages and it slowly but surely becomes less capable of handling the electricity required. This is particularly important as modern household electricity requirements are much higher than it was in previous generations. If a fuse blows or trips more often than usual, it is time to have your house rewired and upgraded.

2. Lights keep flickering randomly

There are four main types of lightbulbs available: compact fluorescent, fluorescent tube and incandescent. You may notice that your lights flicker or dim periodically. This is an indication that you need to change them or double-check the bulb has been properly screwed in.

Most cases will resolve themselves after you replace the bulb. If the flickering becomes more frequent, you may need to call an electrician to investigate the problem.

Because lighting circuits are less rated than outlets in your home, they can often be the first to show signs of trouble. An electrician can inspect your home’s wiring if your lights flicker because of an electrical problem.

3. Burning smell

Insulated electrical cables are an essential component of your home’s electrical circuit. Modern electric wires are often made of PVC plasticized with linear Phthalates. Aluminium wiring was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s due to its high price.

Safety experts say that aluminium wiring has increased the danger of fire at connecting points in homes. After a while, wiring can become brittle due to rodents eating the insulation and pests.

If you notice burning sensations in your home and are not able to identify the source, an electrical problem may be nearby. If the burning smell persists or worsens, turn off the electricity at your circuit breaker immediately and contact an electrician.

4. Failing power points

A bad connection can lead to a brownish or black color in a switch/outlet. It is important to not ignore discoloration as it may indicate a more serious problem. A loose connection can generate small arcs, which can light small fires.

Exposure to wires can pose a serious risk if they are accidentally touched or placed near combustible materials. To repair or replace an outlet, contact a licensed electrician right away.

5. Your home is over 5 decades old and hasn’t been rewired

Building codes have changed over time. Therefore, newer modern structures are more likely to be fire-resistant than those that were built in generations passed. An electrician should inspect your entire circuit if your home is older than 50 years.

Older homes typically have less electrical outlets and less safety equipment, such as circuit breakers. It is recommended that your electrical system be checked at least once every ten years if you own your home.

Play your part to reduce house fires

All of us can do our part to help reduce the risk of electrical fires in our homes and ensure that we are all safe. Regularly inspect electrical leads for damage and malfunctions. Overloading circuit breaker switches and power points should be avoided.

Before you go to bed, turn off all electrical equipment. Make sure you have multiple working smoke alarms in your home and that smoke alarm servicing is up to date.

If in doubt call an Electrician

Now that you know some of the signs to look out for you can get a hunch to know if your home needs to be rewired. Although remember this article is simply informing you of some of the common signs. If in doubt or you suspect your home needs to be rewired make sure you consult a licensed electrician.

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