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  • Top 8 Things To Know Before Moving To Australia

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Australia is a country of good people, good cities and good beaches. The life in Australia is easy going, safe and full of opportunities. Meanwhile the people in Australia are very polite and humble. They are generous to welcome people who visit Australia from other countries. Along with this, there are numerous other things which you should know before traveling and moving to Australia.

Here Are The Top 8 Things Which You Must Know Before Moving To Australia

Australia is Massive –

Australia is so massive that it is considered both as a country and a continent. It is the smallest continent and sixth largest country of the world.

It lies in the Southern Hemisphere between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Most of the countries geographic consist of desert in the middle.

The country also has huge coastlines with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Expensive –

If you belong to Asian countries or the Northern Africa countries, Australia may seem darn expensive to you. When compared to Asian countries, Australia is really very expensive. It would be very hard to survive for a person without a job in Australia. Therefore, it is advised to plan well ahead of moving to Australia.

Good Medicare –

People who live in Australia are highly benefitted by Medicare or health care services in Australia. These are free for the residents of Australia.

Moreover an immigrant with permanent residency can also avail good health care services at very low or free prices.

Varied Weather Throughout –

The size of the country really matters in having different weather in different areas in Australia.

Australia is so big that people enjoys all four seasons namely – summers, winters, autumn, and spring. Most of the people think that Australia has dry and hot climate. Indeed it is but some parts of the country such as Australian Alps get more snowfall than Switzerland. Isn’t it amazing?

No Jay Walking –

Mind these words; jaywalking is an offensive crime in Australia. A person breaking the law is fined heavily. According to the Australian laws, a person should walk endlessly until he/she finds a cross walks or zebra crossings.

It seems like Australian Government is interested in making people walk so keep themselves fit and healthy.

Smoking Is Jaw Dropping Expensive –

Smoking in Australia is too expensive. The Government has implied rules which have made a pack of cigarette costs approximately $40. This also makes Australia the most expensive place to buy a packet of smokes.

Earn Well While Working In Australia –

The unemployment percentage of Australians is very low. People from other countries working in Australia and their local population earn really well. This is a major reason why Australia is considered among best places to live and work.

If you are also considering Australia as a next destination to work; go for it.

Easy Visa Procedures –

Australia welcomes everyone who visits their country for job, studies, businesses or for permanent settlement. Moreover it offers more than 90 types of visa categories.

All of these have different set of guidelines, eligibility criteria and documentation procedures. Once an applicant has cleared all of the documentation and visa application processes; the applicant can easily obtain his granted visa.

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