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  • 7 Reasons Why Your Australian Visa Gets Rejected

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Before you start enjoying the beautiful tourist attractions and beaches in Australia, you first have to apply for a visa! There are different types of Australian visas to apply for, depending on your needs, the intention of visit, and how long you plan to stay.

But wait! You’ve already sent in your application and submitted all the requirements needed, even working with an Australian Immigration Agency maybe… However, you received a rejection!

This can have you feel discouraged, especially when you were psyched to take a much-needed vacation. It would also leave you wondering: What went wrong?

Read on for the reasons your Australian visa was rejected and see what you can do to prevent it from happening again next time.

Why Was Your Australian Visa Application Rejected?

The Australian tourist visa is one of the most applied-for visas yearly, and the Australian Department of Home Affairs is very strict when it comes to checking one’s eligibility for such visas, based on their criteria.

To avoid making mistakes or to see what you did wrong during your visa application, check out these 7 reasons why you received a rejection:

1. Financial Requirements

Visa applicants will need to provide adequate documents of financial stability to show that they have the money to fund their travels. If you provide insufficient evidence that you have the money for your stay and to leave the country, you may not be approved. After all, if you don’t have sufficient funds for vacation and return ticket to your home country, why would you be approved for a tourist visa?

Make sure that you provide evidence of your financial stability, including personal bank statements, audited accounts, and tax records, pay slips, as well as your credit card limit.

2. Not Enough Reasons to Return to Your Home Country

Getting a tourist visa means that you will be staying for a temporary time as a tourist on vacation. Meaning, it is illegal to work while abroad!

When reviewing visa applications, immigration officers will approve applicants who have sufficient reasons to return to their home country. They will most likely reject those with insufficient reasons to return home because officers suspect that these applicants will overstay and work under the table. This is why those who are unemployed, own no property or have any family members in their home country will end up with a rejection.

3. You Provided Bogus Documents

Bogus documents are documents the Minister would suspect is counterfeit or altered by unauthorized people, obtained because of a false or misleading statement (made on purpose or not), or was not issued in respect of the applicant.

The Department of Home Affairs may reject your visa application if you don’t provide sufficient evidence that proves your identity, provide bogus information or documents that are misleading in relation to your current application or a visa you held within one year as you apply for a new one.

4. You Didn’t Respond to Immigration’s Requests

After submitting your visa application, you may receive a Request for Further Information. Such requests are issued with a deadline of 28 days after the issuance of the request. And if you don’t provide the necessary information for documents in time, then you will receive a rejection.

Usually, you will be requested for health examinations, English test reports, or biometrics, if you haven’t completed or submitted them yet. If you have any delays in obtaining the missing requirements, you must communicate with the case officer.

5. You Don’t Meet the Health and/or Character Requirements

Health requirements exist to ensure that the Australian community is protected from any public health and safety risks, and so that Australian citizens and permanent residents are able to access health services that may be short in supply. It can also help ensure that the government can properly control the budget on social security benefits, pensions, and allowances.

If you do not meet the health requirement and have a serious medical condition that can threaten public health and/or place a demand on healthcare services shot on supply, then you may most likely be rejected.

The same goes for character requirements you fail to pass. Of course, you’ll need to be of good character before visiting any country, meaning you must not have a substantial criminal record, escaped or have been convicted from immigration detention, or be of any group or organization involved in criminal conduct.

If you are suspected to have poor character and there is the risk of engaging in criminal conduct while in Australia, you will most likely be rejected.

6. You Come from a High-Risk Country

If you come from a high-risk country, it will be most likely that you’ll receive a rejection. Furthermore, if you apply for the wrong visa subclass, then you have an even higher chance of rejection.

Make sure that you check if your country is a high-risk country so you know what else you can do to increase the chances of approval.

7. Application Inconsistencies or Previous Visa Refusals

Your previous visa applications will also be assessed in the Immigration Office. If you have received previous rejections before, regardless of the reason, the chance of rejection will be very high.

The same will go for applicants who have inconsistencies in their application, such as multiple misspellings of your name, your office address not being in line with the company’s official information, and the like. Double-check your application before submission to avoid any hassle.

Wrapping It Up

Applying for a tourist visa can be quite intimidating with the many requirements and steps to take. As long as you provide consistent information with legitimate documents, along with all the requirements needed (and more proof of returning to your country), the higher chance you have of approval.

Hopefully, you are now better informed on what you should do during the Australian visa application process based on the mistakes to avoid. Keep these reasons in mind as you apply so you can get approval and enjoy the beauty of Australia soon! Good luck!

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