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  • How Moving Companies Offer Low Moving Charges?

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  • Published Date: September 25, 2021
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The moving industry is an ever-growing industry as man is on a move as nomads since ever. No matter what, people keep moving from one place to another in search of a good job or a better lifestyle. It’s not a secret that moving home can make a big hole in your pocket. Additionally, it is also noticed that many people fall for the promises made by cheap moving companies as there are many hidden charges. Initially, some moving companies offer low moving charges but it may cost you much more than a higher moving price as you may fall victim to any or all of the following situations.

  • They may damage your goods.
  • They may impose many hidden charges on you that may include fuel charges, road taxes, extra services like disassembling your furniture, carrying furniture through the staircase, and longer working hours than estimated.
  • The penalties that you may have to pay for their discretional use of society properties like lifts and staircases.
  • Long carrying fee if the moving truck is parked away from the main entrance.
  • Non-delivery or late delivery of your expensive goods.

Above-said are some of the charges that many moving companies impose over the actual quoted price but that is not all. These cheap moving companies often show unprofessional behavior during the move and provide low-quality service. Though tipping is a very common social practice, you are not obligated to tip your movers against your will. But these cheap moving companies demand cash in the end in the name of tipping their staff which can be very annoying. So, before you fall prey to any such fraudulent company, it is better to hire the right moving company as cheaper doesn’t mean better. Do not compromise with the quality for a few bucks.

Genuine Ways of Quoting Low Moving Price

Not all companies are frauds and not all of them keep some charges hidden before presenting the final bill to the customer. Some genuine cheap moving companies of 2021 provide you with some good options to reduce the overall cost of your move. These moving companies offer you low rates based on many factors.

Flexible Moving Date

If you do not have a specific moving date, you can ask your mover to quote you a lesser amount than normal. Most moving companies charge less on lean days, for example, you can save a hefty amount if you choose to move on a weekday and not on a weekend. Moving during summers, holidays, or on weekends are often pricey and movers do not give you any discounts as these are their peak seasons.

Pack Your Stuff Yourself

As we all know that most moving companies provide packing services in their basic moving package but if you want to reduce your moving quote, you can negotiate with the company about it. If you consider packing your stuff yourself, you can get a discount of few hundred bucks.


Like many other industries, moving companies also offer discounts on referrals. If you refer or recommend their company to more people or give them contacts of some prospective customers, they offer good discounts on your moving contract.

Discount Coupons

Many moving companies offer discount coupons. You can visit their website or their local office to avail of these discounts. These discounts are offered either to first-time users or to their frequent customers. Try to make the most of these discount coupons.

Packing Supplies

You can also save some money by arranging free packing supplies yourself and can ask your professional moving company to deduct the price of moving supplies from the moving estimate provided by them.

So these are some of the genuine ways of offering a low moving cost but how to recognize the right and genuine moving company. Here are a few tips that you can follow to hire a genuine and right moving company for your next move:

  • Learn everything about your selected moving company. Make sure they have a valid working license issued by the Department of Transportation. Also, the company should be insured.
  • Take moving estimates from more than two companies and select one with the best price and services. Don’t ignore red signs like too low or unrealistic moving estimates.
  • Make sure the company that you have selected has an office of brick and mortar and also they have their own staff and transporting vehicles. Many moving contractors portray themselves as moving companies on the internet. They do not have their own staff and equipment that leads to a messy moving experience.
  • Insist on having a written moving estimate after an on-site survey. Don’t agree on any verbal moving quotes or promises.
  • Confirm all moving-related expenses well in advance. Ask your movers to include all road taxes, fuel prices, and any other additional charges in the moving estimate to avoid any last-minute chaos.

Moving is a pricey project and a cheap moving company can be a fraud too but that doesn’t mean that all companies are the same. We have discussed all possible ways of getting a cheaper moving quote. All you have to do is to plan and execute your move well.

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