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  • Moving Mistakes That Will Surely Stress You Out

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Moving can be so stressful because you need to transition to a new home that you have no attachments to. Along with the loss of a loved one or divorce, the entire relocation process can be one of the top stressors that you can experience in life. From the general disruption of your daily activities to your expenses, there are so many things about your move that can give you so much stress. However, moving becomes a lot more stressful if you keep on making many mistakes throughout the planning and preparation.

So, make your move less mentally taxing by avoiding these common mistakes that will surely stress you out.

1. Failure To Research Professional Movers

Hiring a reliable moving company can turn the process less stressful. For example, most moving company Manhattan is experienced at providing a safe and seamless relocation for everyone involved. However, working with the wrong movers can add to your worries. With them on your side, you might end up losing or damaging your possessions during the move, which can stress you out.

To avoid stressing yourself out, hire professionals who are licensed and insured. Find time to verify their references and read reviews online. That way, you can find movers who can be trusted for your belongings.

2. Procrastinating

Naturally, people love to procrastinate, especially if they think they have more time to plan and prepare for the relocation. However, delaying will only make the transition a bit harder. When this happens, you might not have enough time to accomplish all the tasks before the moving day. And because of these time constraints, you end up overly stressed with almost everything – from planning your travel arrangements to notifying your utility service providers.

To save yourself from mental stress, it’s essential to get started early. Use a moving checklist to ensure you have everything in control until the big day.

3. Not Able To Declutter

Spending more money on your moving expenses can cause much stress. That’s why it’s essential to understand that failure to declutter is one of the relocation mistakes that you should avoid. Ideally, moving to a new home can be the best opportunity to cut down unwanted items. Instead of stressing yourself out about moving these unnecessary boxes and pay more money, it’s best to declutter your old home before the move. You can do this by going through all your things and getting rid of everything you don’t want to keep and store them in a self storage space or even sell or donate them.

4. Failure To Make An Inventory

Forgetting to take an inventory of all your belongings is also one of the common moving mistakes that you should avoid. Without an inventory, you might not be able to keep track of your possessions during the transit and as a result, stress yourself out with the possibility of losing your stuff along the way.

To prevent this, create a list of what you’re moving as you pack. List down all the items before you label the boxes and write down what room of your new house they should go to. Remember, having an inventory can minimize the risk of getting your things misplaced. Not only that, but it can also streamline the unpacking process.

5. Failure To Transfer Utilities As Early As Possible

Transferring utilities can take a long time before it can be finally settled. That’s why if you wait too long to transfer your utilities, you might be able to deal with issues down the road, which can result in mental stress and anxiety.

To keep yourself mentally healthy, get the transfer of utilities done as early as possible. Contact the utility companies and inform them that you’re moving. Make sure you have your power, water, gas, and cable connection ready upon your arrival. That way, you can make your move a less stressful experience for you.


So, if you don’t want to stress yourself out with your upcoming move, keep these points in mind to ensure everything will go smoothly. With some planning, you can protect yourself from the stress that relocation gives you and your loved ones.

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